Friday, October 29, 2010

Cathy's Christmas Countdown

Cathy is inspiring us to get busy with our Christmas gifts.
My October project was stocking stuffers for girls. Some quick and easy crunches for pony tails. All colors and designs.

Fabric sewed together and ironed.

Crunches made.


fabric = 16" long and 4" wide.
elastic = 6" long and 1/2" wide
sew fabric strips right sides together.
turn right side out, iron
feed elastic thru
sew elastic to each end of fabric tube to hold in place,
(fabric will be gathered up around elastic)
turn ends in and sew ends together.

Now I have to come up with a guys stocking stuffer!!

Go here to see more participants projects.

Happy Happy Happy

Happy Birthday Trent

Happy Anniversary to us

Happy Halloween to you

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spookify Me Saturday

Check out Val's Halloween project time for some spooky ideas and link up your own ideas for Halloween for us all to see.

Pick some pumpkins, real or styrofoam or plastic lighted, any size. I used a styrofoam one and a plastic lighted one. You probably have plenty in your stash from last year.
Now, dress them up.

On the plastic lighted one, I made a quick witches hat and sat on top of the pumpkin.


The witch's hat took like 15 minutes or less for me to make. Cut a piece of fabric in a large triangle. Sew the long sides together, wrong sides together. Turn, besure and poke the top point of the hat so it is pointed. Trim the bottom edge of the hat so it will be even. Sew ribbon or some sort of trim around the bottom, gathering slightly as you go around.

Happy Halloween.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Edgar Allen Poe

". . . .One night, returning home, much intoxicated, from one of my haunts about town, I fancied that the cat avoided my presence. I seized him; when, in his fright at my violence, he inflicted a slight wound upon my hand with his teeth. The fury of a demon instantly . . . . . . . ." Ok, enough of the story, on to my package from the POE swap.

We were to choose one of Edgar Allen Poe's short stories and our partner would create an altered box to portray the story. I choose The Black Cat and this is what I received.The altered box had the cat fur in the box and a bobble head black cat.
Also, a black cat halloween treat bucket and all these things you see in this pic.
Also, the cute button bracelet.

My partner choose the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.
This is what I sent her. A box covered with a large dark haunted looking house with a orange moon and a raven sitting on top. The box was filled with spiders and bats to give out on Halloween night to her trick or treaters.
And a doorknob witch hanger and a few other halloweeny things.
Happy Halloween.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


How awesome for me to win the October extra prize in the YOE swap.
A crafted mosaic tray from Val. October month theme was mouse. The mosaic tray has a little mosaic mouse complete with tail and whiskers and a trail of cheese made out of glass and grout into the cute design.
And a acrylic liner for the tray to put the food on.
A lot of work and talent went into this.and I love it!
Thank you Val.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spookify Saturday

Visit Val for Halloween project sharing and link up to add your own project.

Everyone needs a black cat for Halloween to scare your guests, ghosts and gobblins.

Here is my scaredy-cat!

Of course a better Halloween themed ribbon around his neck would make him more scary.

Here is the pattern you can use for your own black cat for Halloween. Just click on the picture, save it to your picture file, and then enlarge it and print the the pattern to make your own cat.

print out pattern to the size of your liking.
cut 2 - one for front, one for back.
put right sides to gether, sewing around the cat, leaving a 3-4 inch opening for stuffing.
clip curves so it will lay out good
turn right side out.
stuff with polyfill, being sure to get in the ears, tail, and all corners well.
slip stitch the opening closed.
add eyes, whiskers, ribbon, etc.

He turns out so cute, you will think he is real!!!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

A little bored?

Waiting for lunch.
Only one in the office.

I am bored.
So I'm reading blogs and posting on mine. 

We have a resident office cat. He/she comes to the door. We let him in. We keep cat food to feed him. He jumps up on every thing. But won't let you pet him. He slaps at you and bites you, but doesn't run away from you.

One of the guys hates the cat. And the cat goes to his work cubicle all the time. And the guy asks us "whose been fooling around my work bench?"

Well I got the culprit on tape.

But the culprit is cute!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

The fair is in the air

Oh, how I love the fair. I've been going to the same parish fair for 50+ years. I love the atmosphere -- the rides, the food, the exhibits, the people.

So here is a few pics of the kids and their day at the fair.

Joe driving himself around and around.

Bronco Tyler
 Enjoyed by all!!!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spookify me Saturday

Join in with Val for some Halloween fun projects.

This week I'm hatching some spider eggs.

I got the inspiration from Martha Stewart. But I'm doing it my way, no plaster and I'm missing a few other supplies, but they came out cute.

Supplies needed:
small white balloons
plastic spiders
glitter paint
crazy glue or tape
red, green, orange and black markers
spider web
urn or bowl or some sort of container

  • blow up balloons. with colored marker shade in a peeled crack in the egg. with black marker make crack lines around the peeled crack.
  • paint spiders with glittered paint
  • attach dry spider with crazy glue to the balloon near the "peeled crack"
  • place moss in container, place "eggs" on moss. and drape the spider web over and around the eggs and urn. The web will help hold the light airy balloons down.
I didn't use moss yet because I didn't have any. I placed a glow light strip (which I got from the dollar tree) in the midst of the egss s to create the glow. Buy several so you can light up the spider egg nest throughout the coming weeks.

I'm not through yet. I also want to hang a giant momma spider over the nest of eggs.

Is this Halloween scary or what!!

Go here to see other project participants or link up to share your scary scene.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another season

Fresh air. Crackling leaves. Shorter days. This is what we get when we give up the 100 degree days.Add some orange, gold and browns to the greens.
But still enjoying the outside.
With Halloween just around the corner.
Happy Fall


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spookify Me Saturdays

I''m linked to the fun over at Val's for some halloween time.

Dress up your witch costume this year with a witch's broach.I made this for a Halloween package that I mailed.

You need a ribbon rose. You can make a rose by using ribbon, or cheat like me and by one from walmart for $3 already made. You will also need a roll of wide ribbon of your choice for the outside round. I used a wired black sparkly roll. I took the wire out of one side of the ribbon and just sewed the wide ribbon to the back of the rose gathering slightly as I went around.

Then I sewed a small loop of a very thin ribbon on the back to have for pinning to your lapel, or pin it at your waist, or put another ribbon thru the loop and tie it around your neck for a choker, or around your wrist, or wear it in your hair.

Hot glue in a bat or spider in between one of the petals on the front.

One witch will be looking spooky great for Halloween.

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