Tuesday, January 31, 2017


January days were filled with a to-do-list. 

** Snow Day - a three day winter weekend kept me home and off the streets. I played in the snow by myself. If only it was more than an inch deep.

** Two Sick Days kept me home from work with strep throat dictating my food and drink intake and pjs dominating my dress code. 

** Sewing Days took over the majority of the days to-do-list. I've accomplished two flower girl dresses for the wedding of our youngest son coming up in one month. I've made the cathedral length veil for the bride-to-be that she asked if I thought I could make cause she couldn't find the exact design she wanted. She designed it, I made it. No pictures of these projects until the wedding day. But a shot from the engagement pictures at the southern plantation where the wedding will be.

** Wedding to-do-list is long with mother-of-the-groom duties, rehearsal dinner plans, wedding shower gifts to choose, my dress/shoes for wedding, father-of-the-groom clothing, and things not even on my to-do-list for the wedding. Another  picture of the bride-groom-to-be of an engagement picture at their picture session at the southern plantation where the wedding will be. 

** An extra sewing project was added for two dance carry bags. She gave me her idea, gave me the supplies, and I sewed them up in one night. 

I amaze myself in how I can whip something up in no time. There were no rip outs or re-dos on either of these. It all went so smoothly and quickly. The mom choose these colors and design. Don't know how the recipients will react to them!

So the last hours of the first month of the new year is here. I've accomplished a lot and am thankful. February will bring. Valentines Day, wedding showers, babysitting duties, birthday celebrations,  and King Cakes with the Mardi Gras season that has already started. 



Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winter Special

The cold front came. Low temps. Cold enough for a fire. Rain. Sleet. Snow. 

Fresh fallen snow over a bed of recent fallen leaves. A layer of snow and ice so thin it's embarrassing. 

But it makes for a write-up for the blog. So I donned the winter scarf, furry boots, mittens, and a little winter cap I had bought last year for one of the little ones. 

It was sad to have no one play in the "snow" with me. I made a snowball or two and threw it at the husband behind the camera. 

This will be my winter wonderland for the weekend. 

I'm not a winter person, so no love lost over the snow party I didn't have.