Sunday, April 29, 2018

April's Run-down

April is so mid-year. Now it's May. Time flies. Things change. That's what so great about blogging, also. Time has flown since I've last blogged.

There are still sewing projects in my life. This summer dress. I just really love it. Her mom, not really thrilled over it. 

Trying out a new version of quilting, I call art quilts. This happens to be a peacock art quilt. Yes or no?

 And I've become a vendor in a local antique/market gallery. There's a ton of stuff stashed in my little corner of husbands workshop that is perfect for selling that I've had for years. No, I'm not a hoarder. Just stuff nicely stacked and boxed away from times gone by. Some stuff new never used, some old, and some not so old. My first set up is mostly framed prints, decorative shelves, etc. 

Then I added metal patio art, small furniture pieces, and other new, old, and not so old stuff. 

I need a bigger booth!