Monday, January 21, 2019

Black and White Bargello

Thank you for stopping by for the Black and White Blog Hop hosted by Creatin' In The Sticks.

With a black and white and gray jelly roll on hand and a plan to make a bargello quilt, this became the project for this bloghop. This is a new to me design. I'm wowed over all the stunning bargello quilts online. Google them and see all the amazing designs for them.

It's all about the flow of the placement of the pieces. I actually did not use a pattern for the design. I did read many online sites about bargello patterns and did watch many Youtube videos on them and then just winged it.

I added a white on white print from my stash to define and enhance the flow of my design. I like it with just the design and no borders, but I had no more 2.5 inch strips so I added the solid black and gray borders.

I call this quilt Enlightening. It was enlightening to me to take on the bargello that I thought I would never accomplish and just love everything about it -- the easy, quick, and beautiful design it became. And it does sort of look like a lightening bolt, don't you think? I will confess this was not the design I envisioned at the start, but I'm super pleased with the result. It seemed to take on its own look.

If you haven't created a bargello quilt yet, make it your next must do project. You will not be disappointed in your creation.

 Check in with Creatin' in the Sticks for more black and white this week.


Friday, January 18, 2019

A Run In The Park

A few weeks back some of the family was over and we went in the woods  to let the guys prepare for hunting season. We did a lot of running.

Riding around, showing some love, working in the field, and just having fun on a pretty day in the woods.

We did some play acting while they worked. It’s cool what technology can do for you today. We put a dinosaur out in the woods and caught us on camera running from it.

We did both work and play. Some were not too happy with the playing part. The dinosaur graphic was just too real for her and she wasn't going to participate. Can't believe how real it seemed. 


Friday, January 11, 2019

Hope with all your heart

I  joined Project Quilting 10 for six challenges in twelve weeks with a deadline of seven days for each project. Project 10.1 is about hope,  Hope Springs Eternal. After a lot of ideas that wasn't manageable in 7 days I went with "hope with all your heart". Hope and heart go together. When I have hope, I'm hoping with all my heart.

I pulled out coordinating pinks to do the heart and had to buy the background fabric and fell in love with it being mint green crushed ice.

The entire top was easy using 3" wide strips in varying lengths from 4" to 12" from the pinks and the mint. I layed out the pinks in lines to form a heart with staggering edges then extended the lines with the mint to the edge of the quilt.

I played with it day and night for four days to cut and layout and sew together and quilt and bind . And its done! Measuring in at 64"x75".

I'm loving it.

And there's a plus. It also makes the cut for my valentine quilt I wanted to make.

Super, super, super big easy project in four days.


Monday, January 7, 2019

Christmas Scenes Past

I’m still reminiscing about Christmas with sugar plums dancing in my head and participating in all the Christmas activities before Christmas Day. We went to school programs, Christmas church service and mall shopping with the Christmas carolers performing just to name a few.

Christmas Day was at the new house of our oldest and all the kids and their families and a few others were there for all the Christmas dinner traditions and the gifts exchange and the playing and the surprise reveal of their new baby to be in Early June. Surprise its a boy!! That's what big brother wanted and he's super excited.

Here's a few of the scenes of the day.

Some adults always like to join in the fun for real.

A backyard visitor made it to the activities. Meet Chicken Ginger. Their  group of chickens are  named after family members and there's Louise, Betty, and Dixie to name a few. Everything was fine till she popped on the carport and then sent back to the coop.

The Reason for the Season is everyday not just Christmas Day to  celebrate the birth of the Newborn King.