Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Welcome Spring

Someone's FB page was welcoming spring with shots of beautiful blooms from her garden. 

It had me wandering outside to see what was showing up in my garden. I found blooming azaleas, iris', bridal wreaths.  And angel trumpets and hydrangeas sporting fresh green leaves amongst brown stems. Natures cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Just like our celebration of Easter. 

The biggest and most profound find was the wisteria along the front wood fence along the street. 

Years ago we stole, scavengered, helped ourselves to wild wisteria growing along the edge of a little country road with no traffic or houses in site.  Little new plants were sticking up everywhere under the huge overgrown wisteria vines. They were rooted very shallow and made pulling them up extremely easy. So we helped ourselves, brought them home and planted them.  

Voila! They embrace our fence with a  lovely shade of purple and have a sweet fragrance that I can smell everyday when walking down to check the mail. 

Only thing, the blooms are soon gone and then a thick green leafy vine takes over with the little velvet bean pods hanging everywhere.  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Plan B

If it's not going as planned, do you have a Plan B? 

Or, never mind, I'll do it myself plan? 

I had to take the reigns myself this week and go to Plan B. 
I had taken the easy road (I planned) and ordered this cute little dress on Etsy for $23. Great price, cute outfit for an Easter theme pageant, and the seller promised It would be delivered on Friday. It would be a no stress pageant preparation day. 

Being in full pageant-getting-ready mode on Friday, the mail man came and went. No package.  The UPS guy never showed so no package. 

By 6pm I knew I had to make this happen. The pageant was the next day. And all parties involved expected and wanted this outfit. 

My fabric/trim stash had everything I needed.  And socks were on hand from a clearance purchase I had made earlier. Just because I knew one day I would need them in a rush.  

After cutting, sewing, appliquéing, and embellishment, and admiring my 5 hour rush job, I'm so thrilled of the outcome. 

The chick appliqué was made from a template printed from the computer. The chick appliquéd on, and tiny yellow and pink stones emblished around, is just perfect. 

A bow and boot toppers made it even cuter. 

So plan B was a success.  

Perfect fit and looks just like the Etsy one except the color. 

So Etsy, I don't need ya. I'll do it without you if I have too.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Back at it

Life kinda stop sometimes. Lazy, un-eventful, boring days, it seems. But in reality life is happening. You just have to find the fun. 

So this is me lately:

Loving when I'm on baby sitting duty.

They are so good. 

The two bigs are terrific two and a half year olds. 

Look...the same pose. Then and Now.  
One taken a year ago. The other taken just recently. 

And the little one. Good as gold. Never fusses. Always goes with the flow. 

Love my life.