Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sighting of Santa's Reindeer

Out in the forest in the backyard we keep an eye on the famous reindeer:

The guys came to go hunting and thank goodness they only spotted them on the game camera. 

All 9 of them were there.

They just waiting around and relaxing till Santa calls them to say he's ready to go.

Tonite's the night!




Friday, December 22, 2017

I'm that person

The last few days before Christmas are my favorite to shop. I'll think of some reason to go to the mall. 

So today I went. I like the Christmas atmosphere of Carols and songs playing with Christmas decorations in every store and center of the mall. 

I like the Santa scene. I like the crowds. I like seeing that one thing that hits you in the brain and says, "this is the perfect gift for _____." I like finding the perfect holiday sale that I can't pass up. 

Though, my Christmas shopping list has been made for weeks, and everything has been checked off, and checked twice, I did find a perfect gift that I wasn't even looking for. 

I still may need another trip to the mall before Christmas Day just to get my "fix" before the season ends. 

It'll soon be over till next December. 


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Party with the M-I-L

Christmas parties have started. 

The mother-in-law recently moved into an assisted living center. The center had their Family Christmas Night this week. We attended. 

A Santa, a band, a meal, and a present made for a pretty festive evening for the old folks. 

The MIL actually knew the Santa in person. She was happy to take a picture with him. 

 I wanted a picture with Santa, too, but I gave up after watching all the little old ladies waiting their turn. So just a picture of me and MIL. 

There was probably a couple hundred people in attendance. And in case you are wondering, my MIL will be 87 this month. 

Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 9, 2017

once every few years

"Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. Do you want to build a snowman? White Christmas." That's the Christmas songs we could sing this week on the day we got snow in the south. 

A blanket of the white stuff sure is pretty. 
We get excited as it falls. Then grumpy the next day with the messy after effects as it melts.

Seems so strange that my color pictures look black and white with one pop of color. 

I made my snowman. Husband says he looks mad. I admit my snowman has a long face and a tiny carrot nose. What snowman has blue eyes? There's no round body parts at all. 

I don't really know how to make a snowman. And I use what I can find in the moment. The knit hat and knit scarf I took off my head and neck to dress the snowman. 

It was good for a day. 





Sunday, November 26, 2017

and there was Thanksgiving

It's been a month full of Thanksgiving events for me. 

When one group game over for the day, the little guy stayed over for a few days and his mom and dad went home. We had a bon fire, built some lego things inside, and stayed up late into the night. 

Grandparents Thanksgiving lunch at school with the 3 year old. A room full of 3 year olds and Mawmaw and pawpaws and 2 teachers. We did a craft and then had lunch.


We attended a fall dance recital for these two. 

The arrow shows where our dancer is. 

A super fun entertaining night.

Thanksgiving Day was traditional food, family and friends. Some were missing and a few new faces at the table. Our emtertainment for the day was a turkey shoot with nerf guns and turkey paper plates. 

No real turkeys or real kids were harmed.







Sunday, October 29, 2017

fall fest at school

I was delagated to attend the fall fest with  the youngest of the grands. I was all crazy excited about it and volunteered a booth, too. I would have to manage being with the little one and manning my both. We'll see how that turned out at. 

We started with the games and treats. 

And checked our loot a time or two. 

And We did face painting and a pumpkin craft.

She had time to help give out our treat bags, too. 

Fun day with all the costumed dressed kids.

Our little treat stand was built the day before for under $10.
* used large moving box -$0
* dollar tree Halloween table cloth, crepe paper rolls, $3
* scrap wood pieces - free
* a lot of tape and spray on adhesive - in my stash 
* suckers, bubble gum eyes, pixie sticks, gummy spiders, and spider rings for 120 trick or treaters. 

It was this from start to finish: 







Monday, October 23, 2017

getting scary

Not much setting up for Halloween since we never get cute little trick or treaters. 
I would go all out Halloween-y if I had trick or treaters stopping by. 

So for just us I'm down to one lonely lighted jack o'lantern sitting on the back porch, blooming yellow mums in my frog planters, and a dish of candy that keeps getting re-filled. 

My all time favorite Halloween decor is my two people sitting around the campfire making smores and passing time. 

I first used this as a decoration on a camping trip a few years ago for a decoration contest. I use it every year now if we go camping during the few weeks of Halloween contest. 

I shopped the dollar store looking for what I could get to set up something and as I walked the Halloween isles it all came together. 
* glow in the dark full length paper skeletons 
* black poster paper to make the fire ring
* gold glitter poster paper to make the flames
* string of orange halloween lights
* large black garbage bag cut in strips to hang as backdrop 
And then set it up with camping chairs and long dowel rods with marshmallows on the ends. 

Happy Trick or Treating!!


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My yearly fair episode

My hometown fall parish fair had its 80th birthday last week. And I have attended 60 of them (give or take a few years). This year was no exception. 

We took along the 3 little grands for them to re-live my life with me. Their parents take them every year also, and we took their parents every year when they were children. Generations of fair goers here. 

We rode everything we could from the Ferris Wheel to kiddie rides and one in-between roller coaster up and down the midway.

We made our way thru the 4H chick and bunnie exhibits with their blue, red, white ribbons shining bright. The kids were amazed that the animals won ribbons for for first, second, and third places. 

Fair food of course. 

A group picture without me. Don't know how that happened. 

We had to try our luck at winning!!!

End of our day 












Wednesday, October 11, 2017

High Five

Another birthday cake, gifts, and party for the second five year old in the family. 

Rather chaotic with Birthday girl sitting on the table. The parents threw the bday party in the midst of moving in a new house and unpacking. So there was no set rules. But you can't let a five year milestone pass by without a celebration. 

So she made her wish and blew out the candles. 

And enjoy her cake. 

And opened her gifts.

Happy Birthday Brooklyn. 

Friday, September 22, 2017


I've been stitching up a few quilts the past few weeks. Seven to be exact. 

#1 was for my daughter's neighbor's baby shower for her baby boy. I was given full roll on color, theme, etc. All her requests was if I would make her something for a baby shower for a boy. 

Cutest dinosaurs ever. With soft minky fabric for backing. 

And I added two matching burp cloths just because I couldn't get enough of the dinosaurs. 

#2 was for my daughter-in-law's friend's new baby boy. She ordered the fabric off Etsy cause it had to be a specific theme. I stitched it up and oh so pretty it became. No picture of the finished piece, but the fabric was navy, tan, and white with tan minky backing. 

#3 and #4 was a request from the sister of daughter-in-law. She supplied the fabrics and I stitched them up. 

One for a girl. One for a boy. 

I had to add fabric to my stash cause she only sent fat quarters, which wasn't quite enough. She supplied fleece for the backings. 

This for baby girl. 

With the pretty coral back. 

And for baby boy. 

And the pretty green/real backing.

#5, #6, and #7 was a brainstorm idea of my daughter and me. She wanted new covers for her girls beds for their new house. We agree on a carousel horse theme. And she gave me the go ahead on my choice of design and fabrics. I had a vision and altered it as I went step by step. I found carousel horse fabric for a stuffed project on etsy. I ordered all 4 they had cause I thought I might have a future use for them. 

I gathered my coordinating fabric and started the stitching. Pinks and mints made for a pretty combination. With a fuzzy pink backing.

Two made for two twin beds.

I made another one baby quilt size for my other daughter-in-law's sister who's expecting a baby girl. 

The fabric is laid out a little different on the baby one. 

They are all given out to the respective babies and little girls. I really like them all. Which do you like?