Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southern Sneaux

First, if you had access to a partial post just then, I apologize. Something went wrong. I was using "google speak" and gosh was that a mistake! 

It seldom snows in the south. But we are getting our fix today. It sleeted most of the morning and then the snow began to fall. This time it's pretty, fluffy, white stuff. I put on some boots, and a jacket with a hood, and no gloves, while still in my pj's and went out to play. 

I gathered up some snow and made a few small balls to throw at the dog and the husband. I've never seen snow this pretty. It's so soft and fluffy. Our snow is usually hard, icy and actually hurts to make a snow ball. It's like playing with crushed ice. But today the snow is just right. 

I kinda look like an Eskimo with my fuzzy hood. Note to self:: snow days do not mean you don't get dressed. But my hands were beginning to freeze. No gloves. It's only 27 degress I think. 

Probably won't build a snow man. Even tho this snow is pretty, it's still only like an inch deep. And so many leaves on the ground, it makes for an ugly snowman. 

Well, wouldn't you know, as I type my post it has actually stopped snowing. Glad I got a few minutes of me in the snow. Show your snowmen on your blogs if you got to enjoy making one. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Birthdays and an Anniversary

This months family birthday bash was for two of the guys celebrating with a Saturday lunch, gifts, and birthday cake. Larry and Chris are the January birthday guys. And Julie and Brandon were the anniversary couple for January celebrating their 7th year..

Lunch out at a restaurant on the river with a view and walk along the pier afterwards on a pretty sunny gorgeous day just in time before the cold and ice and snow flake hit.

This little one got the party started. He's so cute and sweet I almost didn't need a slice of birthday cake. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

In the Kitchen

I've amazed myself. I usually don't do very many foodie posts. But I'm on a roll the last few weeks with it. I'm sure it won't last long. I contribute it to

  •  the polar vartex that has made it's way to the south and keeping us indoors more than normal. We tend to eat all the time when we're stuck inside.  I am so ready for summer and bar-b-q. 
  • And to Bobbie at 40 Shades of Pink for her awesomeness in foodie posts. She has a magic way with food posts. I'm a wanna be. 
Today is vegetable soup from no specific recipe. I've been making it like this forever. It's my own concoction of  just putting together ingredients I like in a soup and it seems to always come out the same -- yummy.

You see the ingredients in the picture. 
Here's a quick how-to:
Salt, pepper & flour the meat*
Brown it in small amount of oil**
Add onions and sauté***
Add tomatoes and tomato sauce
And about 1/2 can water 
Sprinkle basil and more salt &  pepper to taste 
Add vegetables
Simmer for about 20 minutes


* the flour makes the soup thick and hearty
** drain oil if too much
***oops, I was completey out of fresh onion. I keep a stand by of  chopped seasoning mix (onion, celery, pepper, etc) in the freezer.  I thaw some out in the microwave on defrost. It works just fine. 


Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Grow Your Blog

Hi,  I'm participating with Vicki and all her lovely linkers at 2Bags Full in this year's 2014 Grow Your Blog. I like reading and following other blogs to see what y'all are doing and to see what I may be missing out on that I could be doing. My blog is about everything from a-z. You'll hear a lot about family and then I throw in a little sewing, quilting, crocheting, paper banner making, and every craft in between and you'll see a lot of house work and outdoor stuff.

It's a new year. There are already a few new things for me to look forward to this year. For one, 32 days to my retirement. Can't wait to enjoy everyday with no set work schedule. Then we'll be welcoming new grandbaby #3 due May 31st. Babies are always exciting news. I hope your new year brings excitement to your household, too.


Thanks for stopping by and be sure and visit the other bloggers at 2014 Grow Your Blog.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

What we're eating this week

Thank goodness the pulled pork is gone. You can read about it here, a few post down. Between forcing  it down almost every single day for almost a week and  graciously allowing Poochie some table food everyday, it's finally gone. It was good tho. It's sad when one has no company to push it off on and serve it to them. 

So on to other pots to stir. Literally. The pork was last Monday. This Monday I made seafood gumbo. Again, a whole lot more than two people can eat. I cheated and used Zatarain's gumbo base. Soooooo good. Taste like homemade. 

Adding shrimp, crawfish tails, and okra all from the freezer netted a pot of yumminess costing $1.68 (which was for the box of base). And the rice is a staple. I just had to cook the rice. All the other stuff was already in the freezer for awhile, so I don't count that in the price. 

We've eaten it Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Plus I took a bowl for my lunch and there is a little left. 

That takes us to tonight. The menu plan for tonight is Pizza Hut pizza. Their any pizza is $10.00. We always get large pan supreme. And it is $10 plus tax. 

The last pizza I ordered I requested one large pan supreme with extra cheese for carry out. When I got home, ready to dig in, SURPRISE! It was only cheese. There must have been a breakdown in communication.  I called them to report it,  since their phone number is on the receipt they must want you to call them, right? I was nice, and I got a $10 credit towards my next order. 

So tonight it's free pizza on the house. 
And maybe a good movie on tv, too. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The King of Cakes

The third holiday of the year is starting up.  If you count New Years Day and Valentines Day as holiday  one and two. You do count Valentines Day as a holiday don't you? There's candy,  decorations, greeting cards, dinner, flowers, gifts exchanged. Maybe no day off from work. But you still have to celebrate. 

March 4 will be Mardi Gras Day. Although  parades and carnivals start in January. 
My biggest and busiest Mardi Gras doings is the king cake.  You must get one or two every week for either home, work, birthdays, or for any reason. You don't really need a reason to get a king cake. Just get it and enjoy. 

At the bakery today they were piled everywhere in every filling you could want. 

You know there is a little baby in every cake? 

This will be our food of choice for the next 6 weeks or so. 

Deliciousness in every bite. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Pink Project # 3

I'm calling this PP #3 (Pink Project #3). Do you see a pattern here? My projects have begun with "P". Poinsettia Project a few days ago. And now a Pink Project.

I finished the 2nd of 3 baby sets. The first one is here. This one is all pink. Pink blanket, pink bonnet, pink booties, all with pink ribbon. Complete with a rather muscular baby doll to model for me, sitting in the pack and play.

It took just about 8 days from start to finish working on it just late at night after dinner, dishes, and a little house work. This one is also for my sister's  friend's grandbaby to be, as was the other one I made a few weeks ago. This bonnet is a little more frilly than the #1 project because this is for a girl. The other was for a boy. It's on a little crooked. I promise it really is even at the neck.

And booties fit these fat little doll model feet and the blanket will be nice and comfy.

Now it's all neatly folded and I'll package it up for gift giving.

Fabulous Friday

Fridays usually can't seem to get here fast enough. Today has the makings of a great Friday so far. 

There was nice sweet real mail in my mailbox. Which was from yesterday that I did not check till this morning. 

The person in front of me at McDonald's paid for my wake-up coke at the break of  dawn this morning. This happened to me just recently also. 

The boss is out today which makes for a very lazy do-nothing day. And I'm going to take full advantage of it. 

Happy Friday to you!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Care for Your Christmas Poinsettia Project (Project # 2 of 2014)

My daughter and her family has always bring me a Poinsettia on Thanksgiving Day for the last few years.  It's a tradition with her now. And now it's my first Christmas decoration to put out each year. We get to enjoy it usually through New Years Day. This year my Poinsettia was a two tone with ruffly edges.

Usually Poinsettias are thrown out after their use is over during the holidays. BUT, Poinsettias are actually hardy house plants that can re-bloom each holiday season, if given the proper care all year. 

This is my Poinsettia as of today, January 14, 2014. I've actually cared for it almost two months now. At least It's still red and green. But has lost some leaves and red flowers. Of course, it's a little sad looking compared to it's initial debut.

I googled to see what I need to do for it to survive all year. The site gives month by month steps on caring for it. Look hear to read all about it . It should be a piece of cake! 

Seems the secret to having the Poinsettia  thrive is all about the watering. Not too much. Not too little.  Uhh, that's complicated. But seems I'm doing ok with that by the looks of mine. Though it's scraggly, somewhat, it's probably suppose to be as it winds down to prepare for it's next season.

So, the care schedule for January, February, and March is to just "perfectly" water your Poinsettia. That's rather tricky, you know.

Each month I will try to remember to post the update on my Poinsettia. And hopefully I won't have to dispose of it sometime along the way, which is how most Poinsettias end up after Christmas.  

This is only a test. Only a trial run. Even if it survives the year and re-blooms for Christmas 2014, I still want my traditional one from Jennifer every year.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Married to a Chef

I have a chef for a husband lately. He has always had his hand in cooking now and then. But only outside on the burner, the fryer or grill or smoker. He's good at fish, frying turkeys, dinner on the grill, and crab or crawfish boiling. Today he tried his hand at smoked pork shoulder. His idea. His recipe. His grocery shopping trip. His prep work. His cooking.

One 10 lb pork shoulder
Tony's seasoning
Dark brown sugar

Rub a secret amount of Tony's over the meat. We will never know how much. And next time will definitely be a different amount. Then rub brown sugar over pork. Also, a secret amount. He doesn't even know how much. No measuring. Just till it looks good, he said.

Smoke in smoker for 7 hours and reached 180 degrees with meat thermometer inserted into center of meat. And watch it on and off for 7 hours. That would be boring to me.

Cut and pull meat free from bone and fat and grissell.
Shred pieces apart and add bar-b-q sauce to loose meat.

Pile high on bun and enjoy.

To sum it up::

  •  It was really, really tasty and very tender and moist
  • I didn't have to cook
  • It was a good trial run for the first one. Don't need to change anything for the next one.
  • It's a whole lot of meat from a 10 lb chunk of meat for just us 2.
  • We'll be eating bar-b-q sandwiches, and sliced pork  for days or weeks. 
  • I know what we'll be serving next time we have company coming. We just need to know a day in advance. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 So Far

There was a belated birthday dinner at a local diner. Food and gifts and heavy conversation until an employee ask us to leave. There was a fire in the kitchen. We calmly exited out and by the time we were leaving the parking lot the fire truck had arrived.

Having  fun with the little ones. They were not cooperating with my picture taking. Nor were they wanting to sit with me for just one second for just one good picture.  They are getting older (and so am I). It was exhausting holding onto them. They are very acrobatic.

It only took me 12 days to spend all my Christmas gift cards and cash. So it was like the 12 days of Christmas all over again. Thank you to all my family and friends for all the goodies I got with the gift cards. Here is what I got today with my very last gift card. It makes me ready for spring to be here tomorrow.

The Poochie needs a little undivided attention. Maybe a day at the Poochie Parlor is just what she needs to get groomed and use her Christmas gift card from us.

Displaying photo.JPG


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Project #1

It's only the 4th day into the New Year, and my first project is finished. During down time between work, family, the house, and the holiday season, I've been crocheting. I've completed # 1 of 3 baby sets. A blanket, bonnet, and booties for a baby.

With a white satin ribbon bow on a corner of the blanket with a ruffle effect edging and the matching white satin ribbon threaded around the bonnet and booties and tied into a bow.

Tiny little booties for tiny little feet. I had made my two little ones a set for their "birthday appearance" a year and a half ago. The sets were used only once. But it's really just for a "keepsake". In fact, I have 3 little sets that I made years ago for my 3 newborns. I kept them all these years and passed them down to them when they became parents. Yea, a little sentimental memories going on here.

 I neatly folded and boxed it up in a white box and it's ready for gift giving. Pegi at Sharing Daily Steps asked me to make this set for her BFF's grandbaby to be. And I was more than happy to say yes. Also, her BFF  will be having a second grandbaby soon after the first and I will be making baby set #2 for her. I am waiting on pink thread for it. And set #3 will be for my next grandbaby due May 31st.