Friday, March 27, 2009

See what I bought

Ok, here's the scoop on the estate sale Friday.

I was disappointed in the sale. I did get 2 items though. There was really nothing that I liked or that really caught my eye that I really had to have. There were a few pieces of silver, some crystal, odd and end pots and dishes.

The story I could hear as I walked thru the house was that the 2 daughters and 1 son was left with the house. They already took all they wanted and left items they did not want. The youngest daughter was going to move in and live in the house. The couple who owned the house were very prominent in the town long ago. They owned a shoe store and ladies clothing store downtown. That was years ago. The couple lived into their 90's.
Now to what you really want to hear. I did get 2 items. This musical jewelry box.

This jewelry box is all wood with this victorian girl on the front. The inside is red velvet with 3 compartments. I don't know the tune that the music plays. But it is pretty.

And this pretty plate.
This plate has a completely even flat top surface. It will make a great cake plate. The stamp on the bottom is HOUSEHOLD INSTITUTE and RHYTHM ROSE PATTERN.

And I did get to meander thru the house and look. I always like looking at houses anyway so the morning wasn't a total lost.


Wait and see

Every Thursday I read the classified ads in this towns tiny tiny newspaper. I look for the garage sale ads. And tonight's paper has one listed that I cannot miss. It is an Estate Sale at 601 Pike Street. It list antique furniture, crystal, silver, china, linens, clocks, books, art, etc, etc, and many other great things.

It begins at 8am. You can bet I will be there waiting at the door before 8am. I will take my camera so wait and see what I get to show you!!!!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday

Another Vintage Thingy Thursday, hosted by Suzanne at Coloradolady.
I have a new item. It is new to me. But is old and probably vintage. I got it at a flea market/antique store on a recent mad rush lunch hour visit. It is a four piece cup and dessert plate set.If you look closer you can see the little rim inset for the cup to sit in the dessert plate. And see the slight handle on one side of the plate?It is a pink dogwood blossom design. The bottom is stamped UCAG CO CHINA. (Not made in China, but stating it is china.) The dessert plate is in the shape of a shell with a scallop edge. This will be the first of this kind to add to my dish collection.

Go here to check out other Vintage Thingy Thursday posts. And thank you fitty's pinky rose cottage for commenting that these are a cherry blossom pattern. I didn't know what it was really. It's nice to get info on VTT.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just finished

This apron was just finished up for a swap and sent out in the mail to it's new owner.
It's for a Hot Mama Fiesta Apron Swap hosted by Val in celebration of Cinco deMayo. Her rules were 1 apron, 1 Mexican recipe, and 1 other Mexican. I went with a bright orange, green, and yellow apron, 2 recipe cards, a box of Hot Tamales candies. I know, I know, the Hot Tamales candies were not very original at all! But I think the apron is kind of cute and bright for a Fiesta!!

Then a few weeks back I sent out a swap for Winter Baubles & Basics. The theme was to send kitchen towels and other items to refresh your partners kitchen. My partner wanted vintage with red, beige, and toile. Her is the stash I sent her.
I added lace to red kitchen towels. I made her a red toile print apron with matching lace from the kitchen towels. Also in her package was 1 rose flowered cup/saucer, red salad bowl, several kitchen gadgets, and a little salad recipe book I found at an outlet for $1, and a cotton kitchen towel with embroidery on it. She was so excited and surprised at all the goodies!!!

I received in return from her a set of bright colorful orange, green and white strip kitchen towels, a cute orange metal collander, a vintage glass taper candle stick, and a few other kitchen goodies. I have lost the picture of my goodies, but I loved my whole package too.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

R & R

I put myself on R & R (rest & relaxation) for about a month now. Not much rest going on, but just trying to relax. Still been busy going to work, visiting the kids, and enjoying the spring time that is here.

I kind of put the lap top out of sight, even though I did steal a few peeks at my favorite blogs and even signed up for a few swaps.

Of course I still hit the antique and flea markets every week. I got a few little cute things. I got a yard bunny for myself. You've probably seen one like this before - it's a bunny standing up pulling a wagon. The wagon holds a flower. He is cute and will be around the back porch for Easter. I also got a few items to send in a swap I was in.

I can't believe how much more time I've had during my R & R to house clean and cook. My time that was usually spent on the computer was used so much more constructive. I have cleaned the house spic and span, tried some new dishes, and started back on my evening walk. With no computer time and daylight savings time I have accomplished a lot!!!

But I am glad to be back blogging. If you missed me, thank you for your thoughts!!!

I leave you a view of my new Easter Bunny!gin