Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sweet Little Baby Shower

There was a little baby shower for my #3 grandchild a few weeks back. Only an intimate gathering of family and close friends. Though it is the expecting couple's 2nd baby and second baby girl, it's not like they really need any of the necessities for a newborn, except maybe diapers, new bibs that aren't stained, etc.  That's why it was just a little gathering to acknowledge the excitement and love for the new baby's coming.

The theme was Litttle Lamb.

Picture this: (because there are not many pictures)
 A lamb banner in pastel pink, white, and purple draped across the window in the dining area where the table centerpiece of a fluffy white round ice cream cake sat upon a glass pedestal surrounded by munches of drumettes, tiny club sandwiches, chips and hot dip (ro-tel hot with chile and velveeta) and a trio of pink peonies in a glass vase.

Only a couple pictures of the pre-preparations. Can't believe I took no pictures of the set up table. Or the guest. Or the gifts. 

Little printed white lambs attached to tiny white pom pom garland lined the front of the table with spelling the new baby's name. 

A trio of pink peonies added a touch of pink for the baby girl. (Thank you Stacy!!)

A game of quess the number of hershey kisses in a mason jar with a printed little lamb on the lid was played by all. The actual number was written on the inside of the lid for a fair and quick way to announce the winner. 

The mom and dad and big sister and Molly, too, opened the lovely gifts brought by friends and family. A basket of little stuffed lambs sat amongst the gifts, along with a personalized onesie tutu for the new little one. 

Such cute sweet gifts for the sweet new baby due today, May 31st. This post is late and past due and seems as if the baby is too! 

Sweet new baby to be welcomed by her big sister Brooklyn, Mom and Dad, and Molly-Dog, too. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Burp!!!*%:&!! Project 13

Baby projects are still on the table. Taking about 8 hours of my night I made 6 baby burp cloths. The 8 hours including measuring, cutting, ironing, hunting thru my stash for all the trims and  fabric, and a lot of time switching from sewing machine to sewing machine and changing thread a lot. 

All I bought was a package of Birds Eye pre folded cloth diapers for $8.96 plus tax. Everything else I had in my stash. 

Some embroidered, some plain, some fancy, some with trim, some without. Pinks, lavenders, greens and yellows. 
(Note the blue ribbon? Remember from a few posts down it really truly is a purple. It just comes out blue in pictures) 

Their all finished and rolled and makes a nice set of 6 for a baby to burp and spit up on for her first few months or more. 

And placed all in a row in a little box 

With a pink bow. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Show

I attended the state level Our Little Miss an hour and a half away. Even tho you may not be into pageants, keep reading and get a glimpse inside a full scheduled pageant. 

The pageant was well organized and we were told when to do what, where to do it, what to wear, when to leave, when to return.  So yes, we weren't in control of most of our time. 

Some was at the hotel ball room. Most was at the Strand Theater, an old style theater in the downtown area that had been restored and made the whole experience really nice. 

The theater stage was set with bright lights and filled for two days and nights with beautiful young ladies from 0-19.

1st event was "upclose appraisal" for baby division by judges at the hotel ball room. Jennifer said Brooklyn was fussy, so that didnt go well.

2nd event was talent at the theater.  0-2 years old and 3-6 years old was not mandatory to do talent, but they encouraged it. They want to see every inch of character in each contestant. So this was an optional event for her age group. And mandatory event for all contestants 7 years old and above. So I came up with the idea for her to go on stage with a tiny picture book she has, and to "read" the book with a microphone.  It went really good. Jenfr walked her on stage, Brooklyn carrying one of her stuffed animals and her book. They handed Jenfr the microphone. The first 3 pages went real cute -- "fish" "dog" "cat" -- she said them nice and crisp and plain in the microphone . Then Brooklyn took the microphone from Jenfr and banged it on the floor 3 times.  (You know how a microphone sounds when you do that?)

Jenfr calmly took the microphone and turned to the emcee and she came to the rescue and graciously thanked her for her performance and ended her talent. The rest of the night between events going on and trips to the restroom people would stop Jenfr and comment on how cute her talent was and how her words were clear and crisp in the microphone. One lady said she wished she could have finished reading her book for them . One 10 year old boy who was seated in front of us with his family said he liked her talent especially when she banged the microphone on the floor and then he laughed. She definitely left an impression.

3rd event was the theme party "Under The Sea", at the theater. Attire had to be a theme-wear. So she wore her bubble guppies suit from the prelimanary pageant in BR.

There was mingling on stage, then costume parade and two winners, 1 from 0-6 years old and one from 7-16 years old. 

There was movie time in the theater, showing The Little Mermaid on the big screen. Free drink and popcorn was a treat for everyone with a $5 admission for all. 

4th part was sportswear. Mandatory for all ages.  She wore the sailor suit. The sewing of it is posted a few posts down. 

5th part was beauty dress wear.  She smiled a few times, waved once, and kept her tongue out the rest of the time.
Told her mother "no" on stage in the lineup with her age group when Jenfr tried to move her hand out of her mouth.

We weren't allowed  to take pictures. But I took a few anyway, just like everyone else was doing.

The final results::::
For photos she submitted she got 4 medals for different categories.

For talent she got overall optional talent in 0-6 years old combined division. The other little girls in that division either sang or did a little ballet dance routine. She got a trophy, a banner, and a crown for talent winner.

She got prettiest eyes in 0-2 years old and got a trophy.

And for the actual beauty dress pageant division she got Baby Personality Plus. Receiving a crown, a large trophy, and a banner.  

So no official queen title. Would have been nice to get queen. But queen has to go to nationals in Miami in July. And Jenfr couldn't go with new baby plus she didn't want to go to Miami.  If you got state queen and not participate in nationals in Miami, they take your title away and give it to the next runner up, and on down the line till one participates in the nationals.

No queens crown but she came home with 3 trophies, 2 crowns, 2 banners, and 4 medals.  

The hotel had the hot courtesy continental breakfast. We had sandwich fixings in our room for lunch to have between the pageant schedule so Brooklyn could have naptime. And 
dinner was with the pageant one nite at the hotel.  

I think that about covers the details. 
It was an amazing and fun weekend. 


We have a ball player already. 

Cohen caught on real quick what to do with the t-ball set. And he wouldn't let you help him at all. 


Great eye contact and a hit every time.

He was the batter every time. I was the catcher and fielder every time. A lot of work for me. 

He has a good arm there too. 

I'll be finding myself on the ball field in about 3 years. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Days Are Here Again

I'm working on completing 100 Happy Days. I'm on #13. 

13. New grand-doggie in the family. Sammy is his name. 
14. The Easter bunny made it to our house. 
15. Lazy days for this Poochie. She needs a day at the groomers. 

16. 17. 18. 19.  -- happy days spent with these two. 

Day 20 was for Sammy and Mawmaw. 

Eighty happy days to go.


Minky Lavender Rosette

Project #12:
I'm still working on baby stuff making a quick simple baby quilt. I finished it in 5 hours one afternoon with a few breaks to fix leftovers for dinner and a few loads of clothes thrown in the washer and dryer. 

I was waiting for the lavender minky rosette fabric to arrive. I ordered it online and I have had the other supplies just waiting on the side. I've done some other  projects using the minky fabric and I absolutely love minky. 

For this quilt I had bought a fabric pre-quilt panel. The mom choose all shades of lavender to make the quilt with. 

First I embroidered the baby name on the quilt in lime green. 

This quilt is actually a reproduction of a similar quilt we made for the moms 1st baby, only it was in pinks. So it's just a re-run. 

I made my quilt sandwich. The fact that I had a club sandwich for lunch made me really appreciate the quilt sandwich. I wanted it stacked nice and neat and high like my club sandwich.

The top is the fabric quilt panel, then the batting in the center, and the minky on the bottom.  I used "tacky spray" to temporary adhere my sandwich together.  I love, love, love this tacky spray.  I don't know what I ever did with out it.  It makes life so much easier.  Everything stays together just the way you put them the first time. 

I left a 5" minky border around each side of the top two layers to use as my quilt edging. Even though I "tacky sprayed" each layer together, I also pinned all along each side.  Then cut. 

Machine stitching is easier when I know all the layers are stuck together temporarily with the "tacky spray" and the project comes out so smooth with no puckers or bunches.  

I machine stitched in the ditch beginning with the right side of the piece.  I stitched along each pre-made seam, flower, stem, leaf, and butterfly giving each object a 3-D effect. And lifting the  pressure foot and turning project piece a lot. 

You know you have to work your way in an organized way and keep the excess project neatly rolled to be able to pass the project thru the arm while sewing and turning all at one time. 

Then I turned the edging over and pinned and added a purple ruffle satin trim to the edge all around. The picture shows the   minky and the ruffle trim as blue. But I promise it is all lavender and purple.  

It's finished! This shows blue. 

But it is lavender and purple. This picture is a little better for the color. But still not the true color. 

It'll be soft and snuggly for the baby.