Saturday, February 13, 2010


Of course, I will be the first to admit I know nothing about snow (growing up and living all my life in the south), so why are these little birds out in the snow. They have been out and about all day while it was snowing and after. They were everywhere. It looks like they were eating something on the snow. I did go out and put bread where they were so they would have something to eat. Their birdbath was snowed over and the bird feeders were all empty. 
They seem to be enjoying themselves and not minding the cold temperatures. 
The trees, the ground, the fence, the driveway, the house = all with a blanket of  snow.  Tiny icicles hanging from the roof.
I hope the old saying "this is the last freeze before spring" rings true this time around. How many times have I told you I LOVE SUMMER....


Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm getting a little tired of this. We just went thru this in December. And once in 2008.
This tree still has half of its fall leaves on it that have never fallen off. .

How many times have I said I love love love summer the best. BTW this is the deep south and this is not to be expected on such a regular basis.

But, it is pretty while it's snowing. Tomorrow I'll see if I can build a snowman!! But tonight I'll stay in and keep warm.

Ok, it's only 2-3 inches. I'm glad I'm not up north with 3-5 feet or more of the white stuff. My thoughts go out to you who are in the snow blizzard up north.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

24 Hour Non-Stop

It's been raining now for 24 hours straight. No rain storm, no thunder, no lightning. Just slow, steady rain. I hate it. Can't do anything outside, it's raining. Don't want to do anything outside, it's raining. Don't even want to go anywhere, it's raining.

So besides doing this day and night:

I've also done a little of this:

Of course a few hours in the kitchen helps to forget the rain.
I am patiently waiting for a bright sunshiny day. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is it spring yet

I'll say it again, "I LOVE SUMMER". But spring will do right now.
Some mornings lately I have been hearing a lot of birds singing (like it was spring). It was a nice warm spell there for a few days.

I had a challenge in Year of Enchantment Swap to feed the birds during the cold winter month of January. I didn't do anything different than we normally do. We always keep bird feed out year round for the birds.

So enjoy a few pics of a few birds enjoying a winter meal.The birds were all around eating on the ground and in the feeder. Until I walked out to take their picture and they scattered.

So I hid behind a tree and waited for some to come back. I even took a video of them, but I cannot upload it to this post. By the way, ignore the poopy dirty bird feeder. It has not been cleaned all winter. Come spring we will spring clean for the birds. That should make them even more happier.