Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Spring Break Days

With my sprained ankle, we managed to pull off some decent playtime in the woods. 

Everyday we went on a "hunt" as they called it. Riding in the trailer behind the four wheeler. 

And stopped along the trail at the guys hunting houses to inspect. 

The walkway changed colors over the day with sidewalk chalk. 

Spent some of everyday swinging high. But , oops, but one did fall out once. No injuries, just some tears. 

Once we built a campfire and cooked our hotdogs and marsh mellows for dinner. 

And we pretend camped, with one asleep. 

Spring break is almost to an end. 



Spring Break

I fulfilled my mawmaw duties for a few days on spring break. We picked them up on Tuesday and brought them home with us for three days. Took them
back on Thursday and I stayed over on  Friday. 

To fill our days we first stopped in on the great grandma. The youngest of the generation visits the oldest generation. They were happy to oblige for pictures. 

Great Grandma shared her left over Easter basket candy with them. 

The little ones were very entertaining to her. 

Lunch time was upon us and gave us a good excuse to say our goodbyes and head out.