Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Family Affair

We made it a family affair camping trip at a state park recently. Now that each of the kids and their families and us have their own RV we did a group long weekend RV trip to Buccaneer State Park in MS. 

It was a combination of the first "group" trip and the birthday party for a four year old. 

With just about 200 concrete sites, park rangers patrolling, paved roads, windy breeze from the gulf, and a water park with a giant wave pool made it a nice 3 day trip. 

We took turns with the food menu. With four RV's there was lots of good food to go around. One did steaks one night, one a pork and chicken pastalaya, one a burger/dog birthday lunch grilling, and polish sausage poboys, spinach dip, Caesar salad, birthday cake, ice cream, and snacks thrown in during the day. 

A quick bike ride to the camp store for some condiments is better than a hot walk on foot. 

An evening in the sand after a full day in the pool. 

The birthday girl and her gifts and her other grandparents came for her party. 

And then the water park which is in the state park where we were which made it nice to walk to and from. 

The Birthday girl.

The Birthday girl and her other grandparents from Florida. 

Even I enjoyed the wave pool with my sun hat, shades, bad hair,  and tons of sunscreen on. 

Not a bad few days.