Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Counting Thing # 33 -37

It's October. With just 2 months left in the year. And I'm wayyyyyy behind on counting my Happy Days. The first of the year I started 100 Happy Days. I'll have all 100 up and running before the year is out.

Happy Day # 33 is next. Happy can be synonymous with Thankful. Thankful that this little one got all well after a 3 day stay in the hospital for an unknown diagnosis after high fever for 4 days. Her little arm stuck and an IV the whole time she was in. Thankful to report she is well as can be.

Happy Halloween Day # 34 is almost here. Always a fun Happy Night. I did carve a few pumpkins. By night they look scary. By day they are a sight to see, all crooked and wonky. But they are real. I've been known to use electric pumpkins all lined in a row. Which, by the way, they are ready and waiting if I need them at the last minute.

Day # 35 was spent happily with these two. Check out their blogs -- Peggy and Bobbie

A lunch Day #36 with these 3. 

Day # 37 is Me. 

Next I have to catch up on my Project counts. I challenged myself 1 project a week at the start of this year. I'm probably not going to beat the challenge with 52 projects. But pretty close I hope.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pre Halloween Dress-Up

Here's a look at a Halloween themed pageant we did. I had already made a few outfits just because I love to sew.
If you remember, from a few post back, they are an owl and a skull theme. 

A few modifications were made to the skull set:
* The pink bow on the front of the skirt was removed and a black bow added to back center
* black fish net wrist gloves with the one finger loop was also an added accessory. 

Look Whoooo was the owl. A baby owl with lots of baby down feathers. Not the scary schreeching black Halloween owl. But a super cute baby owl. 

And so cute that she was crowned Baby Grand Supreme! 

The skull look was just as cute. A skull with black heart eyes and a pink bow on the skull cannot be scary. This picture was after the stage event and changing for the next event. I could kick myself for not getting a complete picture with the boots showing and the black fish net wrist gloves with the finger loop. It was soooo cute.

Looking like a skull punk rocker, this outfit placed her Queen of the 2-3 year old division.  It's hard for a just turned 2 year old to compete with a almost turning 3 year old. So she did good.

Waiting to see what all 3 of the little ones look like in their trick or treat Halloween costumes on Friday. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Still Birthday Partying

Still birthday partying with the fam for October birthdays. After a 2 year olds Minnie party a few weeks before, we included all October birthdays and anniversaries for one more party.

While waiting for a table at the restaurant, the birthday guy and little birthday girl took a picture. 

The shared birthday cake even included the football game win.

One of my sisters joined us for birthday cake. She was bombarded with babies.

October has more to come.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bam Bam Project #23

I'm getting caught up in October's Fall festivities.  

It only took a few hours to help sew a Halloween costume for Cohen. Between me, Julie and Cohen it came out great. 

Julie's choice of costume and she had the fabric ready and waiting when I brought a sewing machine and sewing supplies to sew.

Cohen was a super measurer with a pull and release tape measure that wound itself up when the button was pushed. He also took the garment fitting process really well. 

And it was sewn up in no time. Just have to add the bone to the waist and there's a fat plastic baseball bat, too. 

He'll be the cutest thing on the street Trick Or Treating with his little neighbor being Pebbles. And the parents dressing up as Barney/Betty and Fred/Wilma. 

Can't wait for Halloween!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Fall and Project #22

October 1 and the fun is just beginning. There's festivals, fairs, and birthdays. And sewing is included.  I don't spend every spare moment in my sewing room, tho I do enjoy it.

I came across a super cute fabric by accident. I was actually scouting around for some Halloween fabric of blacks and oranges but super unique, one of a kind design. 
Pink and black skull print. I took the skull as a Halloween theme. Although, it's probably a punk music rock theme. But super cute with black heart eyes and pink bows on the skull. 

And I turned it into this.

A full circle fish line hem skirt with a separate black sparkly organza petit skirt underneath.

The top has a V-accent on top edge and bottom edge trimed with the black sparkly organza in a ruffle effect around.

It will be paired with black boots with pink ruffle boot cuffs.  

I like it.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to a Two Year Old

We have 2 year olds all over the place. Cohen had his two year old party 2 months ago and Brooklyn just turned 2.

Her party was all about her and Minnie Mouse. Everything from a Minnie cake, Minnie cookies, Minnie dress, and a few Minnie inspired birthday presents. 

A Mickey Mouse Park jumping house was a main attraction. Way big enough for kids and adults. Brooklyn looks so tiny posing in front of the jump house. 

Everyone took a turn jumping with the birthday girl. 

If you've ever been in a jump house as an adult, it takes a few minutes to actually believe you can really jump and bounce around. It was fun. 

Jumping with the birthday girl. 

Adults jumped in the Mickey jump house. 

And tried the swing house out. 

We stopped the playing and headed for the cake and food and some cold drink. The weather was beautiful and we worked up an appetite with all the jumping and swinging. We had to bribe the children to go watch Brooklyn blow out her candles and open gifts. And to eat. 

Happy Birthday to you!!

See the Minnie banner thru the window? 
 I like how Minnie's silhouette shows inside, too.
Showing just a hint of the party theme from outside to inside. 

Cake cut. Food served. Gifts opened. And back out to jump made for a birthday filled day.