Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another great autumn day

It was 12 noon, Thursday, a work day, time for lunch. I left not knowing what to do for my hour lunch. I rode around the city. It was a pretty fall day, sun shining, 83 degrees. I didn't want to eat. I was bored, lonely, wanted to be anywhere but here. I looked at the clock on the radio, it was 12:56 pm. I was just 4 blocks from work. I headed back to the office. There on the left was a big white bed sheet size sign "yard sale today only". I took the next turn to turn around and go back. This was a nice neighborhood, large houses, nice vehicles, pools in their back yard. Nice tree lined boulevard. You get the picture. I didn't intend on buying anything, my main reason for stopping was just to see the house and the yard. I pulled up in the drive way. There awaiting me was a young man and woman, 3 little boys, lush landscape, iron fence around the pool, just a magazine portrait! As I walked around looking at the sale items, and glimpsing at the house and yard, there it was, my find! Two large, stocky, wood porch rockers. I sat in one. It was so dreamy comfortable. The young man said "they're not too bad are they? $10 apiece." My thoughts raced - I don't need these, I have 2 rockers on my back porch and 2 rockers on my front porch. But my wants said - but you can't pass these up. 20 bucks! If you don't use them, think about your kids and their porches! I told the man, I only have $5 on me. Can you hold the 5 till I go to the ATM. He said just go get the money, they are yours! I went to the atm, paid for the rockers, he loaded them up, and I got to work at 1:09. It couldn't have been a better lunch hour!

They are loaded up and off I go. Just a little bit of polishing up is all they need.

I'm happy!


  1. What are you doing with the rockers? Painting them or leaving as is? They are great looking and look very sturdy.

  2. Great find!!! They will look great on a porch!

  3. What a delightful luch hour !
    The rockers are very nice - -


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