Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am obsessed with certain things

I do like to have certain things. You could say as a hobby, or as a have to have it, or just can't do without it, or I just love it. And where one is just not enough I have to have as many as I can find, even though I may not have room for any more, let alone I will probably never use it. But just the idea that it is pretty and one more won't hurt. --- My obsession is dinnerware and tea servers.

I can spot them from across the room, whether at a store sale, antique store or flea market or a yard sale. I do have more sets than I will ever use, but one day they will be passed down to my girls. As some of the best were passed down to me from my grandma.

This set was passed to me from my grandma. It's an ice tea set. Some of you may remember Duz Detergent back in the 50's or so. This set was collected from that. (I think that was the name of the detergent, it started with a D I think.) It has a serving pitcher and 10 tumblers and 10 juice glasses. It is glass with silver etched leaves. My grandma gave it to me a long long time ago.

This porcelain rose tea cups and saucers set was also from my grandma. And the tea serving
pitcher set was found at a garage sale.
This dinnerware set is American Rose by Camelot China. I bought it when we first got married to put in our first china cabinet.
This is by Sheffield. I bought this piece by piece at Dillards.

I found this dinnerware at a flea market

This one is stamped on the back "The French Saxon China Co. 22k gold". It has a beautiful pattern edged in the gold. I only have 8 plates, 2 salad plates, 4 sauces, and 1 platter. I bought all except the platter at a neighbors garage sale like 10 years ago and then I spied the platter that I thought was a match in an antique store. I bought it and brought it home and to my pleasure it was a perfect match.

I have acquired 3 sets of silver tea servings. I am searching for a few more to distribute to close family members. Who needs 6 silver tea servings any way!!

I have just a set of 8 plates of this white glass Anchor Hocking which was husbands grandmothers.
And husbands great-grandmothers pretty set of 8 rose bouquet flowered dinnerware. It has no name stamped on it, but I know it is rather old and has great sentimental value. This is usually my everyday dinnerware. I love the old pattern.

I'm always on the look for more!!



  1. I have my obsessions too.....vintage grapevine patterned sterling and sterling plated dinnerware!
    I love the iced tea set........they don't make stuff like that anymore....

  2. Tea Settings - they are beautiful.
    Your girls will truly appreciate it - 'when their time comes to receive' this is beautiful. Now - you make our Christmas list easy for you - - - :)

    and - yes I remember the "Duz" dish washing detergent - where grandma collected that set - - It's beautiful - -(amazing how nothing was ever broken from within the box)

  3. Oops - - I meant to say - - you make it easy for US to get you Christmas gift - -perhaps a beautiful (antique) tray - or a 'tea set' - -


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