Monday, October 6, 2008

Party's over, time to get down to business

Week-end full of partying -- Son (in-law)'s birthday celebrated. Also, daughter and son-in-law's 1st wedding anniversary will be Monday. They got their wedding cake top out of our freezer to take home to celebrate. But wait - more birthdays and anniversaries to come later on in the month.

So starting today I need to get down to business and get my swaps finished and in the mail. I have 3 swaps I'm working on. Two of them will be mailed this week and the other one will be mailed a little later.

Also, I have a few quilts in mind to start. Last fall/winter I made three of these duck quilts. One for each of the kids :
This is a close up of a duck square that is in the quilt:

and a swan quilt:

I have 2 more duck quilts ready and I want to make another swan one. So my work is cut out for me for the next few months.



  1. What gorgeous quilts. So pretty!

  2. beautiful quilts - with a beautiful talent !

  3. Hey Ginger! It's nice to know you have a blog too! We were surprised to get your comment, it was a nice surprise! Your quilts are beautiful! Creative talent must run in your family!! We will be checking in on your family soon!!


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