Monday, October 20, 2008

Rise and shine

Our usual time to rise and shine is 4am. Only because husband leaves for work right after 4am and when he leaves he wakes me up to say goodbye. I usually stay in bed and go back to sleep but this morning I did rise and shine with him.
So I got busy early this morning cleaning house. Not the occasional scrubbing and polishing and mopping and waxing, but the usual pick up, put away, dusting and vacuuming. I went thru every part of the house including porches, carport and even cleaned the dog. Why do I show a picture of the bathroom, you may be asking.

Because after hours of cleaning, when I leave and get back a few hours later this is what I will find - toilet paper roll unrolled, towels pulled down, and even once my make up bag was on the floor with everything scattered.

How could a little fluff ball be such a tiger?



  1. that little 'fluff ball' is too cute

  2. Naughty puppy! :> doesn't look guilty at all either!

    ~ Hearts ~


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