Thursday, October 23, 2008

They just keep coming

The postman came again. I'm really getting to like him. A few days ago he placed another package at my door.

I had enjoyed Debi's fall into fall quilters blog giveaway a few weeks back. She had 50 or more other blogers to join her in a giveaway on each of their blogs. Their blogs showed so much talent and creativity and such beautiful masterpieces. And I was a winner of a give away on one of the participating blogs - Mary Grace's hooked on needles.
That is who my package was from. It was packaged very well, I could hardly rip the covering off.

Ummm is that cinnamon I smell as I opened the box? Yes, the whole box smelled so good.

And look, a beautifully made pin cushion. It opens and closes with a gathering effect. The pin cusion inside with small pockets all around to store sewing thimbles and such, and a little needle keeper book. The fabric she used was magnificant.

And that's not all = cinnamon candles with a glass votive, a spool of autumn ribbon, 5 skiens of embroidary thread in fall colors, apple cidar cinnamon tea packs, 2 singles of autumn fabric, apple motif craft buttons:

I love all the items. And Mary is such a talented and generous lady.

In January their will be a whirl into winter quilters blog give away that you will not want to miss at Debi's. I plan to be a participant in that and host a give away with her whirl into winter quilting giveaway.



  1. Autumn is definitely in the air - among you and your bloggers - - very nice - - and very creative - I can almost smell the 'cinnamon' thru the computer -

  2. Hi, Gin!

    Wow, you do a lot of swaps. Looks like lotsa fun!

    Thanks for coming by today. I love to see new faces!

    ~ Hearts ~

  3. Hey, Gin!

    We're stocking swap partners! Since my blog is just a devotional one, I'll e mail you the answers to the questions that Priscila gave us, K?

    I hope to start up a girly blog this Winter. Should be fun!

    More later.

    ~ Hearts ~

  4. Hi, Gin!

    I sent you the e mail. Could you please let me know if you got it? Sometimes hotmail and yahoo don't connect for some reason.

    ~ Hearts ~


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