Sunday, March 22, 2009

R & R

I put myself on R & R (rest & relaxation) for about a month now. Not much rest going on, but just trying to relax. Still been busy going to work, visiting the kids, and enjoying the spring time that is here.

I kind of put the lap top out of sight, even though I did steal a few peeks at my favorite blogs and even signed up for a few swaps.

Of course I still hit the antique and flea markets every week. I got a few little cute things. I got a yard bunny for myself. You've probably seen one like this before - it's a bunny standing up pulling a wagon. The wagon holds a flower. He is cute and will be around the back porch for Easter. I also got a few items to send in a swap I was in.

I can't believe how much more time I've had during my R & R to house clean and cook. My time that was usually spent on the computer was used so much more constructive. I have cleaned the house spic and span, tried some new dishes, and started back on my evening walk. With no computer time and daylight savings time I have accomplished a lot!!!

But I am glad to be back blogging. If you missed me, thank you for your thoughts!!!

I leave you a view of my new Easter Bunny!gin


  1. Welcome Back ! I have missed you and your blogs ! Some times it's good to take a little R & R. Your little Easter Bunny with his wagon is cute. I'm sure your swap ladies are glad to have you back with your creativity as well. Happy Spring ! and again - Welcome Back !

  2. Its good to have you back. We all need to stop every once in a while and slow down, take some quality time for ourselves. Its not always easy as the world keeps changing, technology gets better and better. Look at us, we blog each other and can get instant replies if needed. Years ago we had to use "snail mail" and had to wait. I Love it all and try to enjoy it all. Welcome Back

  3. Welcome back and isn't it great to get things in order.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet things you said. I only wish I was totally love early mornings, it helps me clear my head and realize what is most important in life. Friends, family and God. I've learned over the years you can't alway control the things and problems around you but you can control how you react.
    Hope you have a blessed day and please come back and visit often.

  4. Good to see you, Gin! I'm glad you were happily busy and not in troubles. Thanks for coming by to see me yesterday. ♥

  5. A break from the computer is not always a bad thing. I hate to get behind in reading blogs, but sometimes you have to live your life! Welcome back.

  6. I did miss you! Actually, I've thought about doing the same thing..I don't have too many readers anyway so I might just take a breather.......hhmmmmm....

  7. I missed your blogs but I understand about taking a break. Sometimes I just can't think of anything to blog about, but I love reading everyone else's.
    Your bunny is so cute. I have a thing about Easter decor and all the cute bunnies, I just love them.

  8. Good morning. Computers do take a chunk of our time, but I've found so many wonderful friends in mine. Thank you for your visit and comment.


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