Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Ol ' Dad

88 years young today! My what a good age that is. My what great health you have. My what a big family you have.

My dad, Dempsey.He is the oldest of 10 children. He has 4 children: Cheryl, Peggy, Me, and Travis. 6 grandkids, and extended family in the grandkids spouses and grandchildren.
He likes politics (local, state, and federal). He keeps up with all the news. He reads his Bible daily. And he has no end to entertainment from the kids and grandkids in and out. Sometimes he can have a pretty hectic day. Also a granddaughter has the same birthday, Happy Birthday Aimee'.

(me on the right in white)


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad. He sure does look to be in good health. I think being around family, and keeping up with the politics and the news, keeps him young.
    Cute picture of all of you.

  2. Happy 88th birthday to your dad, Dempsey!! It is fantastic that he is in such good health. I'm sure he has a wonderful family to keep him healthful. Hope you are doing well!! Take care. Good to see you blogging.


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