Thursday, August 13, 2009

Water globes

They really work! You've seen them on tv, you've seen them on coupon mailer advertisements, and in specialty catalogs. Well, I was gifted a set. And I must say I am impressed and I need more.

First, they are very pretty. Such a colorful. dainty, hand blown, glass object. I tried them and I liked them.
Since I only had 2 to begin with, I bought 2 more. I had to choose the plants to save thru this drought of a 101 degree summer. So I choose this plant as one. Don't know the name right off, but this plant is like 8 years old. I'm serious, it is that old. I worked at a plant nursery by my house for a couple summers 8 years ago and I salvaged this plant from the dumpster. Some winters it died really bad, but came back in the spring. I have taken runners off and started new plants from it.

So this is it during this hot summer with the water globe down in the plant. You can't even see the water globe now.

Just fill the water globe, carefully stick in the soil, and forget watering it for about 5-10 days, depending on the weather.

All the plants I used the water globes with flourished thru out the hot weather. I didn't even think about watering them. They never even looked droopy dry. I would just pass them up with the water hose and just water those that did not have a water globe. And practically everyday they had to be watered.

And none of my glass water globes are broken either. To me that is a miracle. I will definitely get more!!!

Fill it, Stick it, and Forget it!!



  1. hi there, Gin! Those would be great for when you leave on vacation. I've done some crazy things to try and get my plants by! ♥

  2. Thanks for the info on the water globes. I was curious about them but don't know anyone who has used them. I will definately get a coupledortri

  3. I will have to get me some, if I can find them, my plants will thank me. When I go away for a week or so to visit the kids, I always worry about my plants. I am glad to know these work.

  4. I love them too, but they are easy to break. I only have one now.

  5. Very colorful indeed ! Amazing how they do not break -


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