Thursday, February 4, 2010

24 Hour Non-Stop

It's been raining now for 24 hours straight. No rain storm, no thunder, no lightning. Just slow, steady rain. I hate it. Can't do anything outside, it's raining. Don't want to do anything outside, it's raining. Don't even want to go anywhere, it's raining.

So besides doing this day and night:

I've also done a little of this:

Of course a few hours in the kitchen helps to forget the rain.
I am patiently waiting for a bright sunshiny day. 


  1. me too....poured here tonight and its such a wet old....ready for it to be over...

  2. I do not like going out in the rain.... But..... if I could stay in bed I am very happy to have a rain day. In fact... some of my happiest days are rainy saturdays!

  3. I think we all agree about the rain - - I'm so ready to do a little 'spring cleaning' in my yard - - but the rain will not permit. Hope I'm still in the mood after the rain subsides. By the way - I love that maroon colored material on your sewing machine !

  4. it looks like you are making the most of it...I would bake the cake, put on my jammies and go to bed and read......


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