Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ahhh, the hotter the better

I have to say it again, "I LOVE SUMMER".
It would be fine with me to have summer year round. I like it 99 degrees, with shorts and shirt everyday.

Put me on the water. Put me outside. Put me on a road trip. And I will  be a happy camper.

I'm true to my astrological sign. You can take me out of  the water, but you can't take the water out of my mind.

Boat riding

From dawn to dusk.

 I like it outside from sun-up to midnight. No housework, no cooking, no domestication for me. --Ok, I do have to make beds and  eat something. But that's all I'm gonna do. I like playing outside the best. I plan on getting a lot of this in this holiday weekend.

Hope you have a good holiday weekend too!



  1. Well, I must say, when you put it that way, Gin, I will come along and play outside with you too, especially since there aren't that many bugs bugging me out on the open waters... they're just here where the green shrubs and bushes are and they're luring and waiting for me ... but on the open waters, I've never been bothered with bugs! Those are lovely photos and who wouldn't enjoy that over housework (buh humbug) and I could even crochet on a boat, since I don't want to be the captain ;-)

    Ship ahoi! and happy 4th of July, Gin :-)

  2. Hi Gin - What a wonderful way to spend your July 4th - fun in the sun. Have you driven that new boat yet ! :-) And, then Tuesday came around (back to work!) But the week end is coming! We'll look for you and your crew on the beautiful open waters. Enjoy !

  3. Amen to that... I too love the water. One day I'd love to live near the ocean and hear waves whenever I wanted... but until then I'll be happy with our little lake. :)

  4. I love it too! I hope you had a wonderful time......We are in full summer mode here.....


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