Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Bash 2010

Welcome to everyone visiting from Brittany's Blog Bash 2010.

A little introduction:

I'm a southern girl  -- in actions, words, and where I live. I did live further south near the ongoing Gulf oil spill in LA, until 5 years  ago when husband  (of 35 happy years) and I moved about 90 miles north from my forever home. We moved to the wilderness, (thus my other blog titled "mom in the wilderness"). I joke that either I move with him or get a d-i-v-o-r-c-e.  (No divorce yet). We left behind 3 kids who are of adult ages in their 20's with married lives, engaged, and dating lives of their own. And left behind all my family - father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. That's why we go home a lot.


And  now a few Q&A for the Blog Bash 2010:

 1. Why do you  blog?
I first started blogging because one of my sisters had a blog first. And I wanted to be like her. But now thanks to her, I have my own motives and that would be to use up my alone time, since I am an empty nester.  And I like having a glimpse into the lives and homes of other bloggers who are almost just like  me.

2. What do you blog about?
I blog about anything - our family, our dog, the crafty side of me. I make quilts, crochet, sew, etc. I must confess that I blog surf (or rather blog stalk)  more than blog post.

3. What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from  blogging?
It is rewarding to meet other bloggers from far and near. And its a way to share with family and friends what's on my mind and have a written record of stuff going on with me.

4. How long have you been blogging?
 I've been blogging since the end of 2008.

5. Let's hear the story behind your blog title.
I'm a softie when it comes to family and friends. Every moment is a precious memory that I want to keep.  Therefore, Keepsake Moments became the title.  But, (there's always a but) I am more of a private person than a person airing all my clean or dirty laundry on the www. So 90% of my keepsake moments are not kept on my blog. Go figure!

Thanks for visiting and ya'll come back.



  1. That was interesting to learn this about you, Gin...enjoy your week and have a wonderful day in the sun (I now how you love the heat!)

    Bye for now,
    Doris :-)

  2. I like the reason for your title, even if it isn't all that correct. :)

  3. awww love the story behind ur blog.. moments are precious ♥

  4. Stopping from the Bash! It was great to learn about your life. I have a huband who loves to keep things from the past. I love moments just like Frederick the mouse.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the name Keepsake Moments! It's perfect :)

    Stopping in from the Blog Bash!

  6. Your blog truly shares a keepsake moment. Keep them coming !

  7. I always like these kind of questions cause it helps to get to know a person....

  8. Hi Gin!

    Love the blog, and wrote about it in my Blog Bash entry.


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