Friday, July 9, 2010

Picture Perfect Friday

It's Friday. TGIF. And I'm wracking my brain to come up with a post.. You wouldn't want me to air all my dirty laundry over the www, well maybe you do, but it's not gonna happen.  I would rather show and tell you something nice and sweet and maybe even funny.

All week I've been sitting around waiting for some packages to come in the mail. We have shopped on line and placed a few orders. One order is on its way from Bass Pro. Certainly it's not for me, but some lures and fishing things for the husband.  If it doesn't arrive today, he will have to hit the water without them tomorrow. I won a beach give away from semislackermom's vacation giveaway a few weeks ago. It consists of a sand beach bucket. That should be fun. It should arrive soon.

Work is exhausting. Monday-Friday 9-5. If I actually was busy the entire day I could have a reason to be exhausted at the end of the day.  My exhausting, tiring day stems from the results of a totally boring day, after day, after day..  It takes all the energy within me to stay there all day until 5pm with nothing to do. I keep telling them they don't really need me. But they haven't fired me or gave me my pink slip yet. I am still hoping and waiting.  Yes, I know, I should be thankful for a job and a pay check. I told my co-worker they should move the computer off my desk. My eyes are going bad from looking at the computer screen all day. Those cards are bad on my eyes. Because of the card games and real estate listings I'm gonna need a new contact lens prescription.

I'm even doing this post at work. That's what happens when you get too comfortable in a zone. I'm gonna get up, walk around, slap myself around till I'm awake, and try and find something productive and creative related to my job description to warrant my paycheck that I will be getting at the noon hour.

I will leave you this picture that I actually took at work a few months back. There was this dog I saw out the window dodging cars in the street. I went out and rescued him and brought him in the office. He had a collar but no ID tag. One customer saw him in the office and just so happen to run into the dog's owner on the street, who happened to be out looking for his dog. The owner came to the office to claim his dog. AND, the dog lived exactly across the street. He was not lost, he just couldn't get across the street.

Hence, Picture Perfect Friday.....

Feel free to post your own Picture Perfect Friday, and leave a comment letting us know so we can all go see.

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  1. Oh, what a cute little dog - how nice to have rescued him and find his owner.

    You seem to have the perfect job ! for people like us in this phase of life - ;>) Enjoy it!

    And, enjoy those open waters tomorrow - It's going to be your favorite temps - hot ! Enjoy the water sports!


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