Friday, July 16, 2010

Picture Perfect Friday

Seems I can't get enough of H2o, Vitamin D, SPF40, and 99 degree days and some nights are in the 90's   So, in order to stay true to summer fun, here is a fitting picture perfect shot.

Feel free to post your own Picture Perfect Friday and leave a comment so we can all go see.


  1. What a perfect spot for a Friday! I invite you to my blog for a glimpse of my 'Picture Perfect Spot' on Friday.

  2. Actually, even though it's a hotter than usual summer, I don't mind so much because I don't see as many mosquitoes -

    (and keeping the A/C on 73 doesn't hurt either)

    Enjoy, you hot momma, you :-)

  3. wish I was there....Though my backyard was pretty nice too....Hotter than you know, but nice.....

  4. That's my kind of picture perfect!


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