Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I Read

I'm usually not a book worm. I don't take the time and  I can't sit still long enough to actually get interested in a book. But, this book just might turn me into a book worm.

I read this 364 page paperback in just about  4 hours. No stopping to eat, no breaks, did take a couple bathroom breaks. I just couldn't put it down. I found the book at work in a back room. So with nothing else to do at work, I read the book.

Lady Jasmine begins with her racy life style in her early college years. She needed money to support her self and pay her way thru college. Then later on in life she falls in love for real and marries the guy she will spend the rest of her life with -- a minister.  They are heavily involved in his father's church in Harlem. There's lies, blackmail, and wanting  what she wants  and won't stop still she gets it. She manages to bring down 4 high profile members of the church while the senior pastor of the church, her husbands father, lays in a coma in the hospital for several months. And all along, she professes to be a Christian, praying daily, and actually ends up --- well you have to read it to see how Lady Jasmine ends up.

It was good.  How can an author come up with all this stuff. There is a saying "you can't make this stuff up".   Well this story was constant action. Lady Jasmine was non-stop. (or either I was just bored out of my mind).



  1. What happened..... tell me.....what did she do?

  2. I sure love to read....this may be my next book!


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