Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Routine

It's cold outside. Can't enjoy the weather cause it's too cold. Don't want to stop anywhere on the way home cause it's too cold. Once home don't want to do anything outside cause it's too cold. Are you getting my drift.  IT IS TOO COLD. I didn't even stop for gas, cause it was too cold. Just hope I don't run out before I get back into town. I've been told,  E  is not for enough. It is for empty. And the Low Fuel light means "stop now for gas."

I come in from work. Fix dinner. Clean  kitchen. Throw clothes in the washer. Then pile up on the couch watching Seinfeld, another Seinfeld, the Office, some CNN and what ever else the remote stops on. Then bath and bed. 

I have no life in 30 degree weather. I have to have 99 degrees to be happy.

So I will end with a warm fuzzy picture


  1. Sounds like a great schedule during this wintery blast. Enjoy the R and R - - Summer will be here soon and you'll be planting those beautiful flowers. Time changes March - -(looking forward to it)

  2. I thought you lived in a warmer climate area? 30 degrees is cold. At least you have that cute, warm, fuzzy little face to warm your heart. We got up to almost 50 today a rare treat for us in the middle of winter. It was wonderful!


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