Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All this with in 5 hours

4:45 pm - searching desperately for an important paper for my boss at work so I can leave at 5 o'clock.. I don't even think that correspondence has come across my desk.  he thinks it is very important. I don't, especially not at 5pm. I didn't find it.

6:00 pm - started supper, thunder storm arises, lights went out. uncooked chicken and gooey rolls are not very appetizing. we had to eat ham sandwiches.

7:00 pm - luckily lights are back on and I get to watch the re-runs of last weeks 1st episode of the new season of dwts for a whole hour until they have the live elimination at 8 pm.  why they do that I don't have a clue. during commercials I cleaned the kitchen from supper and ran the sweeper over the floors. 

9:00 pm - the dog needed a bath. but, instead I spent 45 minutes combing her and trimming her facial hair while she stood on the bath room counter. I think she liked the brisk combing I was doing to her. Then, I had to re-sweep the bathroom and clean the counter.

10:00 pm - did my 20 minute dumb bell workout.

10:45 pm - trying to come up with a good excuse to use to call into work the next morning.

I don't have time for work.



  1. Question - - Did you locate the important document? I bet it was on boss' desk!

  2. hee hee hee....I love the last one best!


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