Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cake to Celebrate

A king cake that is....

Mardi Gras is today. Usually the ones I find in the stores here are not that tasty. They are shipped in from elsewhere. Not like the real king cakes from NO or BR for that matter.

And some beads to add to the  partying. 
Peg sent me these, along with a few others I had in my stash,
Bobbie is eating king cake today too.
Happy Fat Tuesday.



  1. I want to play too and try some King Cake - I never tasted it - it looks so colorful!

  2. I tried to go buy another one late on Tuesday but sadly the table was empty. The season really is over. sniff....

  3. The cake is not my favorite - - but I do enjoy the colorful beads - certainly one of a kind !

  4. I had to laugh when I realized that I posted about "you louisiana girls" then when I mailed your swap, I realized you are from Mississippi......just so you know I know now...lol


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