Tuesday, March 15, 2011


  • a wrecked truck - It wasn't me who wrecked it. Husband wrecked his Mazda truck he drives to work everyday. Only the 4 th wreck of that truck in the 5 years we've been here that a large animal has been hit. This time there is no salvaging it. The sad part is it was a great gas saver for his 86 mile one way to work and 86 mile one way home from work. So with gas now 3.00 + a gallon, what are we to do?
  • "Dancing with the Stars" --I like watching "dancing with the stars". Though this is the 12th season ,this will be my 2nd season to "have" to watch it. I've never had any interest in it before. I watched it last season because of Jennifer Gray and Bristol Palin. I kinda wanted to see them fight it out -- the best and the worst.  This season I read Kristy Alley is on it. I like her movies and I like her personality.  So I'm gonna pull for her, whether she can dance or not. We'll see Monday night.
  • projects -- I have some incompleted projects that are wayyyyyy overdue. There is this foot stool I've covered for someone and need to get it back to them. P.S. I have not been using it for my personal use. Just lazy I guess. It's on its way to you.  And a couple of projects I have taken from people to quilt and have not done that either. I'm on top of that now, and you will have it back before you know it. 
  • work --  42 weeks left for me to work; that's 294 days till January 2012;  that's 210 work days; and if 8 holidays and 5 vacation days and 5 misc days are subtracted that leaves me with 192 work days. 
  • groceries -- I am not fond of grocery shopping. Because, drive to the grocery store, push cart around each isle putting groceries in cart. Take groceries out of cart and onto checkout stand. Take from checkout stand and put back in the cart. Push cart out to vehicle and take groceries out of the cart and put them in the vehicle. Drive home. Take groceries out of the vehicle and put on counter. Take groceries out of bag and put in pantry. Then finally take out of pantry, cook, and eat. See? But I do like to eat.
Now its your turn. Confess something in the comment you leave for me.



  1. Sounds like 'retirement' is arriving soon! Congratulations!
    I know you have plans for all that available time. ENJOY.

    Wow - where has all the time gone!

  2. I would be happier if I didnt have to work and that is my big confession!!!!!!


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