Thursday, March 10, 2011


The family guys like to fish. So they planned a fishing trip with just the 4 guys. They would meet, fish, and go home. What kind of plan is that?
 Personally, I like planning things. So I took over the planning. I'm planning on making this fishing trip a family fishing tournament. What does a tournament have? Trophys, of course.   On a side note, I planned this without telling the participants because I knew they would not go for it. I found trophys on line for a mere $2.65 each plus with fish figures on them and everything..

That fits just perfectly into my plan! Now, the only problem is to get the trophys in and present the awards .

Plan 1.  Trophys are ordered.

.Plan 2. I instruct the participants( aka. the family guys) to take pictures with their cell phones of their day. I need pictures to document the day -- biggest fish, most fish, unusal catch, group pictures of them in the boats, snacking, bait, at the dock, arriving, leaving, etc. If  I were there, I would have plenty of pictures. But I have to demand pictures from them or else.
this was my catch on a fishing trip a while back. No, I really wasn't scared of the little fish and
I would have probably won smallest fish trophy..

Plan 3. Arrange a day for us all (guys, girls, and kids) to get together and have the awards presentation.  And there I will give out the trophys.

Plan 4. Since we are a fishing family. My plan is for this to be an ongoing fishing season tournament. So every fishing trip each participant will have a chance to prove he (or she, hopefully the girls can participate some) is the best angler out of the group.
picture from a while back, fish caught out of the pond and would have won biggest catch.

The trophys will be for biggest fish, most fish, unusal catch, and particiapant. And then an overall trophy cup  for the best angler of the day. The best angler of the day takes the trophy cup home, but can only keep it till the next fishing trip and has to pass it on to the next best angler of the day. That way there is  strong competition to be able to keep the trophy cup. And just have fun in the sun.
Tyler on a fishing trip last year

Ok, ready, set, go.


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