Tuesday, March 8, 2011


YOE II is in full swing for the second year.

January was "dressed for winter".

Does this look like a tree sprinkled in snow? I hope that's what it looks like, cause that's what I made for my ornament.
I cut a tree shape out of felt. I have yards and yards of this pretty ribbon. I wrapped the ribbon  round and round, starting at the bottom of the tree shape. I hand stitched the ribbon on to the felt with invisible thread to hold the ribbon permanently in place. Round and round to the top of the tree shaped felt. I tacked on a little ribbon bow with a loop to hang from the tree.  Then, I had a can of spray glitter paint. I sprayed the entire completed ribbon tree. (I was not sure weather to do this or not, not knowing what would happen to the shape or to the ribbon) But, alas, all was fine. Glitter is sprinkled over the tree. The spray glitter paint did make the completed tree a little stiff. But that is a good thing. A few days later, I added another coat of glitter spray for a little more snow effect. It was really easy, using stuff I had on hand, and making it up as I went along

February theme was a gnome home.  I really couldn't think on this one. I had no idea what to do. Finally, this gnome home evolved. The red checked kinda had the idea of a brick house for the gnome and the leaf print roof kinda had the idea of tree limbs with leaves.  Then it kinda had the idea that it could belong to one of the three pigs who had the brick house.

Whats a gnome home without a couple of gnomes? I also sent 2 little gnome people I found in the summer garden isle at the dollar store.

My January dressed for winter I received were these cute cute cute red birds. A felted stuffed one, and two hand painted ones.


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