Friday, July 8, 2011


It's Friday at life.rearranged with a story in cell phone pictures of the week.
What is this about "peace sign" tees?
I have bought two this week.
Do you know it's an anti-nuclear symbol?
I saw a picture of Malia Obama with a peace-tee on this week too!

And I kinda like them.

Wednesday I returned Molly-dog to her rightful owner.
At 7am in the morning.
We met half way at a McDonalds.
She spent a week with us while her owners were in Destin for a fabulous beach holiday.

Doing a little wedding planning over the cell phone with Jennifer while we both look things up on the internet.
Taking a cell picture of a picture on the internet then picture messaging them back and forth to each other.
It's almost like being in the same room.

And, my husband thinks if Bass Pro does not make it in the week, well then, the week is just not complete.


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