Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project #853

I need to make an enchanted swan for my YOE project.

My thought is to use a fall seasonal item and transform it into an enchanted swan.

My plan is to use a gourd -- a small plastic gourd with a crooked neck that comes in a little net bag with other seasonal items like pumpkins and leaves.  BUT, I am at home and 22 miles away from the closet cheap little store. To make a long story short, my husband calls and ask if I need him to pick up anything on his way home from work. Yes I do, and thank you very much. He arrived home an hour and a half later with a little net bag filled with gourds, pumpkins and leaves from a cheap little store. Price: $3.
 (I already took the gourds out)

With the gourds, and my paint stash, and my craft necessities drawer the swans come to life.
I painted the gourds white. It took several coats to cover the orange/yellow gourds. The gourds had a small stem on the end of the crooked neck that was perfect for the swans beak And I painted the stem/beak yellow and painted a dot of blue for the eyes.

The paint is dry. Now it is time to adhesive the feathers and feet to the painted gourd. I have this trusty adhesive that adheres anything to anything. It works on anything. I adhesived the feathers to the fattest round part of the gourd on each side. Then I adhesived the yellow sparkly pompoms to the bottom of the gourd for the feet. And lastly, adhesived a silver twine to the top of the crooked neck for the hanging loop for the swan ornament.

I am amazed myself at how cute they are.

It was super easy to make, and you can make one too.



  1. Pretty fancy! ANd I like your new music too....

  2. Dearest Gin,

    I don't know if you got my message on your other blog, but I did receive your swan package and I was thrilled with your thoughtful gifts. I love my swans and everything else you put in there. I am trying to finish up your package because I've been so absorbed with my sick dog, Gizzy, running around to the Vet and dealing with the fact that we won't have much time left together and he won't eat....my heart is breaking. All I want for him is to be comfortable only that is not happening right now.
    I will send your package soon, sorry it is late. Please forgive me!

  3. Gin - that is a very creative Swan ! Wonderful way to welcome Thanksgiving !


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