Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Celebrations

January Birthday time for the guys was all about the food.

Steak, steak and steak was enjoyed by some of the guys. 

Charlie's Steak and Seafood was the restaurant of choice. And it does not disappoint. 

Happy Anniversary Brandon and Julie and Happy Birthday Chris and Larry. 

Can't wait for next months birthday celebrations.  It will be for me!!!  Yippee!


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  1. Usually Birthday celebrations are about the food, especially for the guys! Hope it was fun.

    yes, I'm still here, not the same... been feeling melancholy and not much up to blogging because that is Gizzy's and my home where we shared our lives together - it's difficult to get back and start anew. I know not everyone will understand because he was not a person, but a dog, only to me he was everything. That's all I had for a very long time and he was more precious to me then all the poeple I knew because he was here with me, when others were not.

    Thanks for asking and I hope you are having a good New Year so far!

    Doris, Weezie and Romeow!


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