Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thirsty Theory

I like Thursdays. The week is almost over. The next day is usually a fun good day. Thursday is my housecleaning day/night - dust, vacuum, mop, bathrooms, all laundry, and put up all out of place stuff. That way everything is ready for the weekend. There is usually plenty of leftovers from the first of the week so I don't have to cook on Thursdays.

I'm thirsty. For water?  Sure. I drink a bottle of water every morning when I get up. Then refill it from the fridge water spout all during the day. It's good. Cool. Refreshing going down my mouth to my insides. But I'm also thirsty for time with God. I've been a slacker. Not taking the time for the time I need with Him. So, I've re-started every morning with my Bible in one hand, and "40 Days with Jesus" in the other. Today is my 40th day. It's good. Refreshing. Soaking it up in my mind and filling up my day with Jesus.

I have a theory. And that theory is that it's never too late to do what is good. Do what is good for yourself. Do what is good for others.  Life is short. We may not have tomorrow.


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