Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where I went today

Today I went to a par-tay here

It was nice. Her kitchen table is always set with a fresh bouquet of flowers. It never fails. And everytime I pass by the fresh florals in the grocery or walmart I think of her. I need to take pointers from her and do the same.

Her resident dog-child greeted us at the door. He comes and goes thru the doggie door as he pleases. I told him I was jealous of him being at home all day by himself in his pretty house.

She shared her delicious goodies with us.

 On her everyday dinnerware.

I love all her doors. Her front door, her kitchen door, her back doors.

If a powder room could be sweet, her downstairs guest powder room is the sweetest ever.

It was a lovely par-tay. I'm glad I was there.

Hope there is another one scheduled soon.



  1. Yes - it was a lovely afternoon - - Bobbie is always a great host. Love her new chair !

  2. Well....I am so shocked!! Thank you! After years of you influencing me.... now I can have a small influence on you!


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