Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A lot's been going on.

Did I mention we've retired?   Well, technically, not me. But husband has retired. With a 6oth birthday celebration in January and a 42 year career with his employer he has officially become a retiree.

I consider myself retired  too. Cause I am going to take it easy by slacking on the cooking, cleaning, and anything that has to do with housework.

We've been doing some fishing. It's been nice weather --- in the high 60's, like 68 degrees.

We've been doing a lot of eating out.  We really have to get a handle on this retirement thing. We have no structure in our life. Eating when we want and where we want. We don't even know what a noon time lunch is anymore.  And sometimes we just skip dinner.

A few projects around the house is coming together.

It's only been a month, but retirement is fun.



  1. Retirement ! - - Ginger - that's great! I'm glad you decided to do it, too - Sounds like ya'll have a lot of time on your hands - You can finally pick and choose - lol -

    Perfect timing - since now ya'll wil be Grandparents ! I know ya'll will enjoy -

    Now we can visit during the week - lol

    Will c. u. soon ! - - Enjoy the fishing - it is beautiful weather !


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