Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rewinding the week

Last week I enjoyed my early birthday cake. Nothing's wrong with getting older. I love it. I love birthday cake. And my kids never fail me by "surprising" me with my Gambino's birthday cake. Besides being so pretty, It is delicious. Birthdays should come more often. I don't need presents. Just the cake will do.

I cut and served the cake and even made rounds for seconds.

Made a trip to one of the top 10 places on our list to eat for my personal birthday dinner. It was quite the surprise. We got in the truck and on the interstate and started driving south. The husband already had it in mind where we were going. When leaving I begged the husband to buy me a tshirt. There was a lot of good reason to spend the extra $12.95 It could be kinda like a souvenir. It was for a good cause, some of the proceeds were going to charity. And we were celebrating my birthday. And one cannot have too many tshirts. A light blue one with a fish on it would be just fine.

 Just me and the husband. No kids invited. No family. Just us. Lovely. Delicious. This could become habit forming.  I didn't even need a to-go box for leftovers. There was none. Every single crumb melted in my mouth.

Made a quick detour downtown to husbands former work place for business he had to attend to.
It was nice taking in the views while I sat in the truck waiting. He is going to miss this place I think.

 The mail man must have know it was my birthday. A package was left for me. Thank you

Tomorrow is my big day ---



  1. That is a beautiful cake and it looks DELICIOUS! Do you get the thin cut catfish or the thick? All these years Ive gotten the thin until recently when I got the thick and i WILL never get the THIN again! Try the thick!

  2. I love Middendorf's ! - Your cake is beautiful - but I know it was delicious ! Sounds like you had a great day - - Just wait until those little grandchildren arrive !


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