Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friend ...

I been looking around, but couldn't really decide, because I really didn't know what I needed. I needed one that could do everything. But I find that does not exist. So I made friends with this one.

An embroidery/monogramming machine is just what I needed. Colorful, creative, and certainly time consuming.  It already has some built in embroidery designs and monogram fonts. But, hey, I wanted more.

It took me forever to find some additional embroidery designs online. Again, I really didn't know what the heck I needed or what I was looking for.  But so glad the google thing was so helpful. I did purchase some "free" embroidery designs from different sites. That was easy click, click, click and then the site just emailed me my "free" designs. The hard part -- following the instructions on how to download them into my USB ready machine.  That took me days and days and then it just clicked in my little head what to do and voila -- it worked.

 I also ordered a $13.00 cd with 399 folders of embroidery designs from a website. It arrived in 2 days. It took me almost 2 weeks to figure out the 6 step-by-step directions. It really was very very simple. Why I couldn't see that on the first try, I Don't Know!

So now I am getting the hang of things.


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  1. I know you'll enjoy using this new machine - - when you make all your items for those Grand-Babies.


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