Monday, July 30, 2012

Ahhhh, it was a sweet weekend.

I got to play the Mawmaw part where I go to the new baby's home and spoil the little one. Hold him, hug him, rock him, hold him, baby talk to him, dress him, hold him, hold him again.

Two days of sweetness.

And to do a little bit for the new parents. Like laundry, meals, and a little house work to get them thru a few days so all they have to do is spend time with their new addition and welcome their visitors who come calling to see such a grand baby.

Cohen was such a good baby. Eat, sleep for two hours, wake up and stretch and look around for about 30 minutes, and eat again.

It was like clock work. He has the hang of this. Let's see how long it lasts!!

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  1. Sounds as though you are enjoying your new role very very much ! so happy for ya'll.


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