Saturday, December 8, 2012

Monday Again

Outside my window is a quiet street with no traffic, no people sitrring, not a sound to be heard.
It's not even my window. I am back down south baby sitting for the week.

i am thinking how crazy I look with broken glasses. One arm of my glasses came off. I haven't made it by the optometrist to get them fixed. I'm afraid they will think I am crazy too. I do substitute my contact lens when I have to go out in public, though.
I am doing a lot of traveling. From one house to the other. Back and forth over the  weekends. It's a whirlwind.

I am looking forward to a long hot bubble bath. To sit and relax with some Bath & Body Works with the radio going, I may be in there a while.

I am reading all the magazines that are coming in the mail with so many Christmas ideas. I want to do them all. Like this cookie recipie.

Quote for the day:

I haven't even dressed yet. I am still wearing my purple plaid pj bottoms with a tank top.  I will get dressed shortly, It's just 6.30am. Don't have any idea what I will wear, though. Since I am stayng in baby sitting, I could probably not get dressed and no one would ever know. I am really liking these kinds of days this month.

In the kitchen the curtains are open and a nutritional one serving of oatmeal is cooked for me with a side of toast. I love oatmeal.

I am planning my Christmas shopping strategy to complete my gift giving list. I have 25% off coupons at certain stores on certain days. If I play my coupons right, I will save a bundle on the perfect gifts.

I am thankful that Molly dog didn't throw up in my bed again last night. She comes and gets in my bed during the night while I am staying down here. She threw up in my bed one night at 3.20 am. I heard her gagging. I got up cleaned her up and had to wash my sheets and comforter and re-make my bed. At 3.20 in the morning.

A peek into my day with these fabrics I bought recently just waiting for me to get the scissors a hold of them.

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  1. Monday again... sounds like a nice way to spend the rainy cold day


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