Monday, February 4, 2013

A Long Monday

Outside my window... is dark. Its always dark on work days, cause I leave so doggone early. It's neither cold nor hot. Or either I am just a walking sleeping zombie from the backdoor to the carport to get in my car and leave for work, and the weather does not phase me. 

I am thinking... It is only Monday. It's been a long 12 hours at work. Can't wait for days off. 

In the kitchen... There has been no kitchen time for the past few days. It's been all about take-out, sandwich, or cereal. That's fine sometimes. Sometimes there is no other choice. No food in the house. I need to make a longggg grocery list. Seriously.

I am creating... Oh this one is good! I am creating a team t-shirt for our team with the Susan Komen Race for the Cure,  The design just came to me as a light bulb being turned on while at work. I sketched it out on a napkin. And it just came to me so fast. I couldn't believe. It is an awesome design and can't wait to share it. You will be surprised. I hope I am not the only one who thinks it is an awesome creation.

I am going... to participate in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure on Mach 2nd.  I joined a team. I am working on my run/walk and am going to wear my team t-shirt!! 

I am looking forward to... this month. I love February. Because of birthdays, valentines, buds start to appear on the trees and shrubs and plants. Which means spring is on its way. Yayyy!!!

Around the house... Everything is in the same category as the above "in the kitchen". There is no time for around the house. Too many hours at work, means too much being left undone around the house. Clothes only get washed if something is needed. Bed not made for days in a row. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...: This week the house is #1 priority to get it back in shape. Second priority is my mile running/walking, with plans to get the mile and a quarter down so I can work up to the mile and a half. Then there are flowers and trees and shrubs that need prunning, fertilizing, and a little talking too. And there is a gift card to use at Joes Crab Shack. See, still nothing happening in the kitchen.

A peek into my day... If you peeked into my day today it would not be good. Bad day at work!

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  1. I saw a pic of your 'creativity' of the t-shirt design. I, too, think it's Awesome ! Your Team will LOVE the t-shirt - & Sun-Visors!

  2. Have have days weeks, months like these! I hope you get caught up.

  3. Hey Gin! I read your bad day last week, I had a terrible week too...then I met some friends to exchg our Xmas presents and have a pizza. We girls do so much, don't we. Xmas in Feb. lol Anyway, they all had a bad week too, so I figure it was the wild weather we had. When I lived in Hawaii, bad things happened when the trade winds changed, lasted 2 weeks! Now that we are naming weather events, blame it on NEMO! I thought you lived in Mich, til I saw flowers and thought maybe not. Have a better week. Bravo on designing the Tee. Huggs, Dianna oh and thanks for the tut on the TUTU.xo


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