Friday, October 11, 2013

Hunting Houses

Men hunt. Women nest.
 That's what they say.
But I say men hunt, women shop. 

Anyways, we have been building hunting blinds for the hunters. Build them and 
They will come. Meaning the guys in the family will come for a comfy weekend of hunting. They come any way during 
Hunting season, but endure a wet, cold ground or tree. We've fixed that. 

With surplus wood, tin, and a smorgasbord of building material laying around we have built a few hunting houses for their pleasure.

They all look similar to this. The back has a full door and steps have been added. The front and 2 sides have drop down wide narrow windows for watching, aiming, and shooting, all while being 
Camouflaged, of course. 

I spray painted the outside in a camo design. Spray paint was the only thing we actually had to buy. 

It keeps getting better. The inside is set up for an all day affair of hunting and never leaving your nest. 

We've had the camo screened burlap forever tucked away for a special use. 
We made curtains in a roman shade kinda way, so when the wood windows are dropped down the camo screen will drop down for cover. Walls and ceilings are sealed with caulk so no pest will crawl in. 

There is a comfy chair, a tiny side table, and a battery operated appliance.
     The chair for watching out the window or napping.
      The tiny table to set up lunch.
      The battery operated appliance (aka power source) for heat, cell phone for  music, tv, etc. 

This should keep the guys occupied and in the woods for the whole day while girls go shop. 

We have 3 completed so far.  We want to add 1 more.  It's been fun building and decorating together. And finding surplus free stuff to use. 


  1. My husband and kids would love these! Nice work!

  2. Very Creative ! This should defintiely bring in a LOT of visitors ! :>) I know they will enjoy !


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