Friday, November 22, 2013

Candy Christmas

It's a dress for Candy Land Christmas. There are several Christmas events and Christmas pageants we'll be participating in over the next few weeks. So a special Christmas dress is in the works.


It's a red and white, shiny, glittery, full, flouncy 2 layer, empire, fish-line skirt with a ribbon and candy cane bodice.


And a big bow tied in the back. 


The red and white ripple hem looks like the hard rock ribbon candy. The left side of the skirt you see in the picture does lay in a ripple effect also, but after seeing the picture I see I didn't lay it correctly.


Paired with a white with red petti skirt underneath (on order from etsy at at blowout deal of $10 !!!), a big Christmas hair bow (yet to be made), and white ruffle socks adorned with red satin ribbon and white shoes will certainly make for Candy Land Christmas.

I've used the same pattern all year now. The one I drew on paper from measurements I took and I just adjust it here and there to make up the design I envision. You can see the other outfits here:
and here:

One weeks work accomplished. And ready to create something else. 



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