Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Haul

Though we have no trick or treaters out in our part of the wilderness, I still put my jack o lanterns out. 

Some pumpkins lighted up. 

 Some with candy.

I used this kind of pumpkin when I was a little trick or treater, back in the day. And they still make them for today's trick or treaters. 

No, I have not eaten all the candy. I plan on it lasting thru the next holiday. Then I'll put the candy in another holiday decorative container. 

Even the little trick or treaters missed the fun of filling their trick or treat bags with goodies because of the weather. 

One little train engineer. And one little lady bug. 

At least there is a picture to document the nite of dress up. Even if only for a few minutes.  



  1. Trick or Treat in our area was cancelled on Thursday and moved to Saturday. It rained that day too, but no strong winds. We don't get kiddos in our wilderness either. I miss living in town and giving out candy and really decorating for the night!

  2. Cute Little Trick or Treaters !

  3. They are so cute! The costumes are perfect! Looks like a great Halloween.


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