Monday, November 25, 2013


We're right in the line of Winter Storm Boreas. Except we're getting the rain. Not really that cold. But a little rain all day long. And all night, so far. 

And looks like more to come. 

I prefer no rain and sunny hot days. This duo was up and out of their bed and took a stroll past my window recently. 

Back to sewing again. Another Christmas candy dress. Not quite finished. A shiny sparkly candy came applique of some sort will go on the front bodice. 

I'm focusing also on Thanksgiving. This time of the year I sure do notice those standing on the corners with signs asking  for help. I saw someone holding a sign asking for gas right next to the gas station I was stopping at. I was on empty. I needed gas too. I split my gas allowance with him. Hopefully it made a difference for him. 



  1. What a very kind thing to do for that person. The dress for the 'little one' is Beautiful! and, I must say those 2 deer in your yard probably feel right at home.

  2. You are a kind, generous person. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! Your little dress is so pretty...add talented to your resume!


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