Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Care for Your Christmas Poinsettia Project (Project # 2 of 2014)

My daughter and her family has always bring me a Poinsettia on Thanksgiving Day for the last few years.  It's a tradition with her now. And now it's my first Christmas decoration to put out each year. We get to enjoy it usually through New Years Day. This year my Poinsettia was a two tone with ruffly edges.

Usually Poinsettias are thrown out after their use is over during the holidays. BUT, Poinsettias are actually hardy house plants that can re-bloom each holiday season, if given the proper care all year. 

This is my Poinsettia as of today, January 14, 2014. I've actually cared for it almost two months now. At least It's still red and green. But has lost some leaves and red flowers. Of course, it's a little sad looking compared to it's initial debut.

I googled to see what I need to do for it to survive all year. The site gives month by month steps on caring for it. Look hear to read all about it . It should be a piece of cake! 

Seems the secret to having the Poinsettia  thrive is all about the watering. Not too much. Not too little.  Uhh, that's complicated. But seems I'm doing ok with that by the looks of mine. Though it's scraggly, somewhat, it's probably suppose to be as it winds down to prepare for it's next season.

So, the care schedule for January, February, and March is to just "perfectly" water your Poinsettia. That's rather tricky, you know.

Each month I will try to remember to post the update on my Poinsettia. And hopefully I won't have to dispose of it sometime along the way, which is how most Poinsettias end up after Christmas.  

This is only a test. Only a trial run. Even if it survives the year and re-blooms for Christmas 2014, I still want my traditional one from Jennifer every year.



  1. WOW - that's a great tradition to continue - - especially with your 2 little granddaughters. Poinsettia's are beautiful -- Seems as though you are right on target with the proper care of them. Yours is still Pretty.

  2. I didn't know that you could keep them year round. How neat! I always have trouble with watering things just right, so I don't know if I'd have success with them, though. It's tricky!

  3. I'm a death trap for houseplants but I do have a poinsettia that I got from a restaurant we stopped at on New Year's Eve...they were giving them away and the waitress asked if I would like one..I should have said no but she was so sweet I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Mine is still alive but I'm doubting my skills at keeping it that way! My Mom has the family "green thumb"! She can revive any plant around! Good luck with yours!


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