Saturday, January 4, 2014

Project #1

It's only the 4th day into the New Year, and my first project is finished. During down time between work, family, the house, and the holiday season, I've been crocheting. I've completed # 1 of 3 baby sets. A blanket, bonnet, and booties for a baby.

With a white satin ribbon bow on a corner of the blanket with a ruffle effect edging and the matching white satin ribbon threaded around the bonnet and booties and tied into a bow.

Tiny little booties for tiny little feet. I had made my two little ones a set for their "birthday appearance" a year and a half ago. The sets were used only once. But it's really just for a "keepsake". In fact, I have 3 little sets that I made years ago for my 3 newborns. I kept them all these years and passed them down to them when they became parents. Yea, a little sentimental memories going on here.

 I neatly folded and boxed it up in a white box and it's ready for gift giving. Pegi at Sharing Daily Steps asked me to make this set for her BFF's grandbaby to be. And I was more than happy to say yes. Also, her BFF  will be having a second grandbaby soon after the first and I will be making baby set #2 for her. I am waiting on pink thread for it. And set #3 will be for my next grandbaby due May 31st. 


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  1. It's BEAUTIFUL ! - - too pretty to use ! - but as you say - it's a keepsake - - also pretty to adorn themselves in on the trip home from the Hospital as a new-born. My BFF will love giving this to her new grandson. Thank you ! She's also looking forward to the PINK set as well !


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